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Brown Smith Wallace has over 70 tax professionals who process thousands of business and personal tax returns on an annual basis. Through our tax planning, we help you identify tax deductions or credits appropriate for your unique situation and help you identify opportunities for potential tax reductions previously overlooked. We understand how complex the tax environment can be, and have the expertise to help you integrate the best solutions for your family, or your organization.

Business Tax Services

There are many opportunities available today that provide relief to growing businesses. We provide tax consulting services for companies from the startup stage to multi-national organizations filing taxes in 50 states and countries around the world. Our tax consulting team can provide you with a complete range of tax compliance services necessary to minimize your overall income tax liability.

Here are business tax compliance services that will help you be proactive in your tax planning:

  • Federal tax returns
  • State & local income tax
  • Sales tax planning
  • Cash flow enhancement
  • Enterprise zone credits
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax provision calculations & review
  • IRS representation

Individual Tax Services

Personal tax and financial planning encompasses complex issues for financially successful individuals and families. We provide independent personal tax and financial planning advice on your individual taxes, personal financial planning, retirement planning and mortgage services.

Whether you are an individual filing a simple 1040 or filing taxes in all 50 states, you’ll find the expertise you need right here. In most cases, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your ability to save taxes through retroactive filing and better future structuring.

Our services include:

  • Federal filings
  • Multi-state filings
  • Educational planning tax strategies
  • Estate and trust tax planning
  • Gift tax returns
  • International filings
  • Retirement Implications
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Tax agency representation



  • For the last five years, Brown Smith Wallace has provided tax, accounting, and consulting services for our family of owners and various corporate entities in the US, Canada and Mexico. The initial transition went smoothly and the assigned team has remained consistent over the years. We can’t say enough about the engagement team. They have strong technical skills, are extremely responsive and very easy to work with. We’re fortunate to work with a firm that takes a strong personal interest in its clients while being dedicated to providing value-added service.

    Beltservice Corporation
    Mike Gray, CFO

  • A few years ago, we made the decision to move our audit and tax work to a larger firm. We had grown considerably, and were looking for a firm that could provide value beyond just the traditional audit and tax work that we had needed in the past. Our requirements did not preclude a firm that was unfamiliar with our industry from being chosen, but certainly the size of the firm and their commitment to quality were important factors to us. We were looking for a good fit and a good partner. After an extensive review, we chose Brown Smith Wallace to be our partner.

    From the start of our engagement, Brown Smith Wallace did not disappoint, as they initially impressed us with their audit and tax knowledge and capabilities. Early on, they recommended a change in a tax filing that saved us a considerable sum of money….and we realized they had a whole lot more to offer. We have used them to assist us with acquisitions, conduct penetration tests of our IT security, and perform a variety of operational and financial special projects.

    If you are looking for an accounting firm that adds real value, strives to understand your business, and is committed to being a long-term partner, you should talk to Brown Smith Wallace.

    CCA Global Partners
    Jim Acker, CFO

  • I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace on numerous projects related to financial and tax reporting. The Brown Smith Wallace team provides highly responsive and skilled valuation services that help me keep focused on more value-added tasks for portfolio companies. I feel like I can rely upon the advice provided by Brown Smith Wallace.

    Chris, Private Equity Professional Chicago, IL

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides me with very attentive, quality service. With all my endeavors, my tax situation is very complicated, but they keep it simple for me. I’m an entrepreneur, not a tax expert. Their advice and assistance in this area is invaluable to me. It’s also fun to work with them, in fact, my partner is also my friend.

    Executive, Investor, Real Estate Operator
    Hans Wiemann

  • We started working with Brown Smith Wallace in 2016, and we have been very happy with the quality of service we have received. They facilitated our transition to their firm in a seamless and timely manner. Brown Smith Wallace offers a wide variety of services with expert staff who specialize in specific areas, such as construction accounting, sales tax and transaction services. In addition to offering exceptional accounting services, Brown Smith Wallace employees have been wonderful to work with on a one-on-one basis.  They have been very helpful in making sure our accounting practices are accurate. Brown Smith Wallace has been able to resolve all our accounting inquiries and dilemmas with quick and informative solutions. We have been very pleased with Brown Smith Wallace and are looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

    Fixture Contracting Co, Inc.

    Connie Kuntz, Controller

  • Brown Smith Wallace provided important advice on how we could further explain who we serve and how we provide our critical and unique services on our 990. This increased our Charity Navigator rating to a 4, the highest rating available. We are grateful for the assistance from the Brown Smith Wallace team in helping our organization reach this milestone.

    Food Outreach, Inc.

    Julie Pole, Executive Director

  • When I consulted with Brown Smith Wallace about my individual taxes, they pointed out a recent technical development that applied directly to my individual situation and as a result were able to reduce my overall tax liability. They also reviewed my Company’s prior year corporate state returns and found that one state’s apportionment factor had been overstated. In the end, they were able to identify significant tax savings on both my individual and corporate tax returns. Needless to say, I’m delighted with their attention to detail and focus on providing value.

    Hamilton Metals
    Jim Millman, President

  • J. F. Electric has been a client of Brown Smith Wallace for over 30 years and I can attest to the fact that they provide a measurable difference and have assisted our firm in many aspects of our business. Brown Smith Wallace provides our annual certified financial audits, monthly financial reviews with management, tax strategies and benefits analysis, business risk services, insurance and employee benefits analysis and recommendations, management consulting services as well as other valuable services. The management and support staff of Brown Smith Wallace that we have had the pleasure to have worked with over the past many years, have all been very knowledgeable and experienced in their field of expertise. They consistently exceed our expectations in every way.

    J.F. Electric, Incorporated
    Greg Fowler, P.E., President and CEO

  • Brown Smith Wallace is always responsive to our requests and very easy to work with. They take a strong personal interest in their clients and are dedicated to providing value-added service.

    Jim Butler Chevrolet Inc.

    Brad Sowers, President

  • Our experience with Brown Smith Wallace has exceeded our expectations. Their team is not only knowledgeable on the latest tax laws and accounting standards, but they have presented numerous cost savings and revenue-generating ideas for our business. Their strategies have had a significant positive impact on our bottom line at a critical time of growth for our business. Their tax and accounting experts are incredibly responsive to questions, phone calls and emails. Beyond all of this, they are compassionate and care about us not just as a client, but as people and friends. I cannot thank them enough for their support and guidance.

    JP's Sports Bar and Grill

    John Pedrolie, Owner

  • As a client of Brown Smith Wallace since fall 2010, we have realized significant tax savings through proactive tax planning. They also served as our ‘outsourced’ accounting staff while our controller was out on maternity leave. Their dedicated staff works in unison with us, and we’re very pleased with the consulting, planning, accounting and compliance services provided.

    Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC
    Geri Boyer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • The Brown Smith Wallace team has played an instrumental role in our company’s continued growth and success. By first learning who we are and our objectives, they then helped us define our needs and execute our vision. Their expertise has already made positive impacts:  the insurance consulting services resulted in $80,000 in savings for us and the IC DISC tax idea saved us $600,000 annually. Our board and management team were ecstatic about the change to Brown Smith Wallace. We are so glad to partner with professionals that bring their A-game to every interaction and service.

    Robert Family Holdings, Inc.
    CJ Hagemann, Chief Financial Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace has provided audit, tax and consulting services to SAK Construction since 2011. They have done a great job of understanding our business and tailoring their audit work to efficiently address the relevant risk areas. The audit and tax personnel on our job meet with us quarterly to stay abreast of our financial progress toward meeting our plans and to be proactive in addressing new developments and changes in our business. This level of communication has helped us resolve issues during the year and assisted us in structuring transactions with the flexibility to do so in a tax-efficient manner. It has also helped us prepare for the implementation of new accounting rules that impact our financial statements. I would highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace to any of my peers for audit, tax and consulting services.

    SAK Construction

    Roger Archibald, Chief Financial Officer

  • We’re a family business so we have business needs, personal financial needs and issues that often fall into both camps. We’ve received excellent succession planning advice and assistance from Brown Smith Wallace as well as practical valuation and gifting advice. We rely on the firm for all of our accounting and tax advice, where we also regularly receive value added ideas. Our advisers are very patient in explaining the various impacts of key decisions on both the business and each family member. Each family member is very glad we turned a new page in our accounting firm relationship.

    The Booksource
    Neil Jaffe, Co-President

  • Each year, we seem to come up with a number of accounting and tax challenges the Brown Smith Wallace team resolves without hesitation, meeting the most demanding timelines. As a $60 million organization with no CPA on staff, we’ve come to trust and rely upon Brown Smith Wallace’s breadth and depth of professional services. In the last year they’ve helped us establish an IC-DISC for our export sales, update our foreign entity transfer pricing policy, review our financial statements, help us complete our 2011 tax return and lead us through an IRS audit—which resulted in no fines or additional tax owed – with outstanding leadership, knowledge and diplomacy.

    The Gund Company
    Richard C. Gund, Executive Vice President

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides us with a wide variety of professional advice and assistance on both company and personal financial issues, including estate planning, tax consulting, IRS audit assistance, compliance and financial statement support. They’re an important contributor to our successful operation.

    United Fruit and Produce Company Inc.
    Charlie Gallagher, Sr., Chairman | Charlie Gallagher, President | Dave Breen, CFO

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