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For many businesses, state and local taxes account for a large percentage of their overall tax liability. The current state and local tax environment presents a demanding set of challenges businesses must address because state taxing authorities are looking for ways to maximize tax revenue.

To successfully comply with state and local tax requirements and avoid scrutiny by state taxing authorities, it is important to accurately assess where your organization is conducting business, address the specific tax requirements within those states, and comply with the corresponding state and local statutory and regulatory responsibilities. Knowledgeable and experienced state and local tax consultants can ensure your compliance with filing requirements and identify opportunities that can help manage your state tax liability.

The Brown Smith Wallace State and Local Tax (SALT) team offers a range of consulting and compliance services related to various state and local tax matters, including:

  • Income tax/Net worth/Franchise tax
    • Multi-state compliance filings
    • Nexus studies (help identify tax exposures and provide alternatives to resolve them)
    • Apportionment planning (review of the methodology and factors used; determine rules applicable to specific situations)
    • Voluntary disclosure agreements
    • Audit assistance
    • Return review
    • Merger and acquisition due diligence
    • IRS (RAR) compliance
    • State tax credits and incentives
  • Sales and use tax
    • Multi-state compliance filings
    • Nexus studies
    • Tax decision matrix
    • Voluntary disclosure agreements
    • Audit assistance
    • Reverse audits
    • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Property tax
    • Multi-state property tax return preparation
    • Assessment review and approval
    • Tax bill processing and check writing services
    • Audit and valuation appeal assistance
    • Merger and acquisition integration and due diligence
    • Customized management reporting for maintenance of tax estimates
  • Abandoned and unclaimed property tax
    • Voluntary disclosure agreements
    • Audit assistance
  • Employment tax

Our team also provides specific state tax consulting on organization structure issues by reviewing current operations to identify tax efficiencies and minimize state and local tax exposures.  In addition, our team can help with implementation of long-term strategies.

Performing a SALT review can potentially result in significant tax benefits for your organization by identifying financial incentives and implementation of long-term strategies. For more information regarding your state and local tax needs, please contact one of our SALT specialists.

Pam Huelsman, Income/Franchise Tax at 314.983.1392 or

Amy Jackson, Sales and Use Tax at 314.983.1336 or

Jenna Kerwood, Property Tax at 314-983-1360 or



  • I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace for years because they understand my needs and my business. I was even more impressed when I was subject to a Missouri sales tax audit. Due to their high level of expertise, the Department of Revenue went away empty handed. I couldn’t have been happier.

    Rommex Enterprises, dba Aqua World
    John Schneiderhahn, President

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