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With more than 3 million people set to retire each year, social security planning is more important than ever. Several factors are worth considering when applying for benefits; deciding when to claim your benefits is just one of them.

Here are some key issues to consider in your planning:

Maximize Benefits

There are countless options on when and how you apply for benefits. Get the advice you need to maximize your benefits.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy has increased while rates of return on investments have decreased. Coordinated planning is essential to maximize cash flow and a managed retirement.

Incorrect Information

Your employment earnings record on the social security website  might be incorrect. Make sure you make an informed review of the information.

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies are critical to maximize the benefits that are flowing through to your pocket. Seek tax advice on mapping out those strategies.


Many retirees continue employment long past the “normal retirement age.” Seek professional advice on how to manage taxation and benefits.

Roy Kramer, a certified National Social Security Advisor and member, tax services at Brown Smith Wallace, can help you consider these overlooked issues when you are ready to claim Social Security benefits.

Schedule a meeting with Roy Kramer, a certified National Social Security Advisor and member, tax services.

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