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It isn’t unusual for a small business to have limited administrative resources. Smart business owners tend to put more emphasis on income producing staff. However, as your business grows beyond your expertise, the entrepreneurial DIY (do it yourself) mentality may actually be costing you money. You may not feel you have enough work to hire a full-time staff person, but there is more than you can handle.

One major benefit you receive when you outsource your accounting to our Entrepreneurial Services Group is our scalable expertise. As a business owner, you may know how to balance the books, but do you have the full range of expertise from entry-level to CFO? And if you do, is this the best use of your time? Wouldn’t you rather be focused on helping your business continue to grow? Outsourced accounting is an effective way of keeping your business focused on the bottom line.

As a full-service accounting firm, we can provide a complete menu of services you may need including: check writing, bank reconciliations, cash management, and more. Outsourcing your accounting needs Brown Smith Wallace allows you to:

  • Save the expense of employee benefits, payroll taxes, overhead and hiring.
  • Recover training costs and error revisions caused by inexperienced staff.
  • Avoid unexpected tax penalties and interest payments.
  • Take back control of your time and focus on the core aspects of your company with accurate, usable and timely financial reports.
  • Safeguard your assets and minimize your company’s risk by outsourcing your accounting to our team of experienced, licensed experts who can complete mission-critical tasks quickly and efficiently.



  • As a client of Brown Smith Wallace since fall 2010, we have realized significant tax savings through proactive tax planning. They also served as our ‘outsourced’ accounting staff while our controller was out on maternity leave. Their dedicated staff works in unison with us, and we’re very pleased with the consulting, planning, accounting and compliance services provided.

    Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC
    Geri Boyer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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