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COVID-19 is the ultimate test of endurance for Chief Marketing Officers. The pandemic has presented more obstacles and challenges in just a few months than most leaders have encountered over their entire career.

The COVID-19 economy presents daily disruption that makes it difficult to adapt quickly. CMOs will need to understand how this disruption is impacting their customers’ buying behavior and develop strategies to recover and grow.

It has never been more important to tell your brand story in authentic ways. Recent social unrest and calls for reform have generated broader discussions with your internal and external customers about your social impact efforts and the need to listen, respond and invest in people more than ever.

These business demands come at a time when many marketing executives have been challenged to do more with smaller internal teams and budgets. How do you plan to accomplish your goals when the only certainty is more disruption?  And how will your external marketing communications agencies integrate with your staff to drive desired outcomes.

The Brown Smith Wallace Marketing Advisory practice has decades of experience helping clients address strategic challenges to better understand and elevate the value of the marketing, communications and community investment functions within their organizations. We can help in the following ways:

Marketing Assessment and Action Planning

We provide actionable insights to help inform your decision-making process at every level. We examine all of your marketing communications activities and provide meaningful recommendations for improvement.

We will help you establish greater accountability, conduct ongoing monitoring for your marketing activities, track outcomes and make strategic shifts to maximize return on investment.

Outsourced CMO Services

Our outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service will close gaps in your marketing communications staffing and current agency utilization. We will assess ongoing needs and provide senior strategic counsel and tactical implementation.

Brand Story Refresh

We help you uncover your authentic voice and communicate your brand value to all of your audiences as you face the disruptive and constantly changing COVID-19 environment. 

Digital Channel Insights and Optimization

We provide an in-depth, fast track assessment of your website, search engine efforts, social media platforms and e-commerce tools to ensure your organization is prepared to thrive in an overcrowded online environment.

Issues Management and Communications Strategy

Our C-Suite client and consultant backgrounds offer thoughtful and practical counsel in dealing with complex operating and reputational issues, big and small.

Social Impact Strategy and Program Development

We excel in developing innovative social impact initiatives to engage internal and external audiences who care that you care.  Our solutions will increase brand equity but most importantly transform the communities where you live and work.

To learn more about our Marketing and Revenue Recovery Services, contact Tom Etling. 

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