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Our Internal Control Compliance team’s goal is to help your organization put in place and maintain a strong and leverageable internal control program. Internal controls are an integral part of the entire cycle of planning, budgeting, management, accounting and auditing. As such, we take time to understand how your organization works, identify the challenges you face, and work with you to determine a solution based on your unique needs. We uncover areas of concern that keep you from growing and create a custom solution – there is no “one size fits all” solution when determining the best control structure for your environment.

Our team works intimately with yours to better understand your organization and pinpoint your distinctive internal control structure.

  • Publicly Traded Companies – We work to develop and evaluate your systems of internal controls to verify they are working properly and serving the needs of your organization. This will support compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other applicable compliance requirements. For more information on conducting an internal audit of your organization, click here.
  • Private Companies – Internal controls are important for all organizations, including private companies. Whether the goal of the internal control structure is to comply with various regulations applicable to your industry or to safeguard your assets, we can help design a control structure to support your needs.

Our services are not only focused on whether your company is public or private, we can also provide a variety of industry-specific services to better assist you in remaining compliant.

  • Financial Institutions – We can help you address your financial institution’s regulatory compliance requirements involving your internal controls. We can provide compliance audits, compliance assistance and mentoring as well as specialty projects to help support your compliance with various regulations. For more on how we can serve your financial institution, click here.
  • Public Sector – Our team helps you establish appropriate internal controls to focus on the fiduciary responsibilities of local government entities and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulation. For more information on how we can serve your public sector, click here.
  • Health Care – We help your organization successfully navigate the ever-changing regulatory and operating environments of providers, suppliers and medical practitioners. For more information on how we can serve your health care organization, click here.

The Brown Smith Wallace Internal Control Compliance team can also provide consultation on the recently updated COSO 2013 framework. This framework is typically used by publicly traded companies to assist in the evaluation of internal control over financial reporting, but all companies are able to leverage COSO for their organization’s internal control framework.

Ultimately, our Internal Control Compliance team works with your team to ensure your organization is running effectively and efficiently while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. For more information on how we can help your organization, call us today to schedule a meeting.

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