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Brown Smith Wallace forensic professionals are experienced in delivering expert, in-depth analysis to provide the insight litigators, legal counsel, business owners and individuals need no matter the challenges they face. Whether providing expert testimony or conducting research behind the scenes, our forensic and litigation team provides the deep analysis and expert guidance you need. 

Our experts are specifically trained in fraud investigation as well as fraud detection and prevention techniques. When it comes to forensic investigations, our clients trust us to uncover fraud and assist with putting policies, processes and controls in place.

Battling fraud is a continuous struggle for all organizations, from small businesses and large enterprises to educational institutions and government agencies. Cases of fraud often go undetected for years, which not only costs the victim organization lost revenue, but also inflicts a heavy toll on the organization’s reputation and employees.

Our comprehensive forensic and litigation support services include:

The Brown Smith Wallace Forensic & Litigation Support team serves clients in St. Louis, as well as regionally and nationally and includes experienced and credentialed forensic accountants that can help you prevent and investigate fraudulent activity. Many of our professionals have earned Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Forensic Accountant (Cr.FA) designations and have extensive experience working specifically on fraud and forensic accounting related engagements. We also provide litigation support services in a wide range of disputes in venues across the U.S., including working with companies and attorneys to investigate fraudulent activity. Another common theme involves the quantification of the value of a business, asset or income stream for consideration by the trier of fact, such as a judge, jury or arbitrator. We are hired not only for our knowledge and skill at performing such analysis, but also our ability to credibly testify to our opinions as an expert witness.

To request additional information on our forensic and litigation support services, please contact Ron Steinkamp or Jason Buhlinger.



  • Ron Steinkamp and others from Brown Smith Wallace have partnered with the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) – Ozarks Chapter to provide webinars to our members. The webinars have been very well-received by our members. The insights that Brown Smith Wallace brings in the areas of government auditing, internal control, data analysis and fraud have helped to educate our members about the importance of internal controls and data analysis in government as well as fraud prevention and detection.

    Association of Government Accountants (AGA) – Ozarks Chapter

    Renee Vines, Education Chair

  • Brown Smith Wallace performed a fraud risk assessment for the City of St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department to identify potential occupational fraud risks within the financial and accounting processes, evaluate existing internal controls, and recommend the implementation of controls and processes designed to properly address those risks. As a result of that risk assessment, the firm identified opportunities to improve our internal controls and recommended ways to better prevent fraud in the future.

    City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department

    Maralee Britton, Director of Parks and Recreation

  • On behalf of the IIA Memphis chapter, I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your exceptional two-hour webinar training on Fraud Prevention & Detection. We truly enjoyed how Ron Steinkamp shared stories of his experiences to illustrate how the fraud detection process works. The training topic and style of delivery was very well received by our chapter members. The time flew by and the chapter members I spoke with later in the day indicated they had many takeaways from the training that could help them improve their fraud audits. Thank you for being the first webinar speaker in the history of IIA Memphis!

    IIA Memphis 

    Valerie Annang, Chapter President

  • Ron Steinkamp is a frequent speaker at Missouri Municipal League conferences, trainings and webinars. His presentations have always been well-received by our audiences. His insights into fraud prevention and awareness have alerted our municipal officials to the vital importance of internal controls and financial oversight. The Missouri Municipal League recognizes Ron's expertise in forensic auditing.

    Missouri Municipal League

    Stuart Haynes, Policy and Membership Associate

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