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Family offices provide families with greater control over their wealth and personal matters and offer a unique vehicle for preserving and managing investments. Technology has given rise to new structures and hybrids, including virtual and private multi-family offices. A family office may provide wealth management services, administrative support and other related services. Every family has its own unique set of needs and objectives; therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. 

As a result of the increasing complexity of managing, protecting and growing family wealth, family offices have had to evolve to address new challenges and opportunities. Our team of professionals is experienced in supporting the diverse needs of wealthy families and existing family offices. We also do not sell any financial products, so we remain independent.

Virtual Family Office Services

Due to the costs of creating and maintaining a family office with the necessary level of talent, a growing number of families are utilizing virtual family offices. Through our Virtual Family Office Services, we will get to know you and drive the process to:

  • Listen to your values, goals and wishes
  • Review and evaluate all aspects of your estate plan with essential follow ups and planning ideas
  • Provide information and diagrams of your plan that you can understand and utilize to make important decisions
  • Collaborate with your other financial advisors to develop sound strategies to execute your plan

Our Virtual Family Office Services offer the ability to leverage our talent and provide essential consulting services and expertise in the areas of:

Transaction Advisory Services

Our Transaction Advisory team has expertise in both private-equity-owned organizations and family office leadership. We provide services to assist in appraising, preparing to sell and purchasing private businesses. We can also assist to determine the best structure for your family office and help you build the right foundation to support your family.  

Our services include:

Our family office support services are flexible and scalable to the specific needs of your family, from consulting on single services to becoming your virtual family office. Schedule a meeting to learn more about how we can support your wealth goals.

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