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Brown Smith Wallace cybersecurity professionals provide specialized knowledge to help our clients prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks and data exposures that challenge organizations. All too often, organizations are unaware of the cybersecurity risks they face and are unable to manage risks in the event of a data breach.

Businesses may face litigation, regulatory fines and reputation consequences if sensitive information is not properly protected. The risks are typically higher in industries with complex regulatory requirements, in organizations that are unable to determine what constitutes sensitive data and in organizations that lack an integrated approach to data privacy.

Our team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals will examine your critical business systems and evaluate the level of exposure you have to internal and external threats. Implemented together in a phased approach, our assessments will help your company:

  • Identify cybersecurity risks and focus your risk-mitigation efforts
  • Address your security vulnerabilities
  • Understand and comply with regulations
  • Protect against reputational and financial loss
  • Educate your organization on evolving security risks

Key Services

Security Risk Assessment

To get a handle on your organization’s security risks, a Security Risk Assessment is the best place to start. We will work with management to create a framework and gather information to conduct a security-focused risk assessment. The results will help you understand your exposures and prioritize your risk mitigation efforts. 

Penetration Testing

We simulate a real-world attack on your critical business systems. Learn where attackers are focusing on your systems and close the vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

We identify system patching and configuration weaknesses that exist within your internal network. These weaknesses can allow malware, ransomware and malicious employees to compromise your company’s data.

Email Phishing and Social Engineering

We run a simulated email phishing attack against your users that helps to educate users on the real-world dangers of email phishing attacks. Additionally, this assessment can provide management with quantitative and measurable metrics on your employees’ susceptibility to the evolving threat of email phishing attacks.

Cybersecurity Control Assessment

We leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and review existing policies, procedures and configurations to identify your risk exposures and control gaps. A risk mitigation plan will be created to assist in prioritizing resources to address your highest risks.

PCI DSS Compliance

We help organizations with their PCI compliance journey by offering practical recommendations and project management to oversee remediation efforts. We are qualified to perform a Report on Compliance (ROC) for all merchants and service providers. We are a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company and are validated as compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 

Other Custom Services

  • Network Architecture Review: We inspect network design documentation, router ACLs and firewall rules to identify segmentation issues and legacy rules that may allow unauthorized access. 
  • Wireless Security Testing: We attempt to exploit security weaknesses in wireless configurations to identify weaknesses between guest and corporate wireless networks, and weak authentication and encryption configurations.
  • Incident Response Plan Assessment: We assess your incident response plan against the NIST “Computer Security Incident Handling Guide” SP 800-61 to identify weakness in responsibility, communication and response to partial outages and degraded performance.
  • Secure Code Practice Assessment: We inspect the software development lifecycle, secure coding practices and data classification policies within your organization to identify inconsistencies and weaknesses that may expose your systems and data.
  • Defensive Security Consulting: We take a proactive approach and can provide an on-site resource to assist in evaluating potential changes in workstation, server or network security configurations, as well as evaluate new software or hardware solutions. With your consultant, you will set goals and milestones to accomplish your security objectives.

With our help, our clients have been able to reduce their cybersecurity risks by understanding their risk exposure and implementing remediation plans.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting to learn more about how we can tailor our services to address your organization’s cybersecurity needs. In less than an hour, you will gain key insights about the cybersecurity risks to which you may be exposed.



  • The University of Missouri System requested that Brown Smith Wallace provide data analysis expertise to analyze our purchasing card transactions over a two-year period. They developed testing criteria in collaboration with the UM System Internal Audit team and other UM System personnel familiar with current p-card processes. Brown Smith Wallace took the time to understand our policies, process workflows, system inputs, reports, prior audit findings and available files for data analysis use. They also worked with UM System personnel to identify and develop data analytic tests, risk assessment criteria, and sampling strategies. UM System personnel will also partner with Brown Smith Wallace to design, develop and implement an ongoing monitoring process for the redesigned One Card processes and controls incorporating the use of data analysis. We appreciate Brown Smith Wallace being a collaborative partner as we work to continuously improve our processes and procedures within the UM System.

    University of Missouri

    Michelle Piranio, Chief Audit Executive

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