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Teams with a diverse skill set may be needed to fully optimize your business operations. Typically, most organizations don’t have all the resources in house to assess and implement the necessary changes. The best course of action for most companies is to enlist the help of an independent partner that can make objective recommendations to improve operational efficiency.

Our team of enterprise performance review strategists can help your organization across all phases of improvement. The performance reviews are completed in three distinct phases designed to minimize client effort while providing a clear roadmap for improvement.

1. Operational Performance Review

In this discovery phase, our experts partner with leaders across your organization to examine the inner workings of select components of your business. These fast track assessments are designed to be completed within 5-7 business days to identify and prioritize the key service, capacity and risk challenges, and opportunities. Results are presented in a comprehensive dashboard for review with your team.

Our Fast Track Assessments include:

  • Procurement – Requisition to Payment, Spend Analytics, Vendor Selection Onboarding and Performance
  • Transactional/Operational Accounting – Accounts Payable/Receivable, Sales Processing/Reporting, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Treasury Operations
  • Budgeting
  • Manufacturing Cost (Strategic, Operational and Financial)
  • Accounting Closing, Consolidation and Reporting
  • Service Center Operations/Managed Services
  • Marketing/Media, Strategy, Operations and Compliance
  • Risk – Financial, IT, Operational
  • Cash Flow Optimization

2. Improvement Strategy Development

Our team evaluates the findings from the operational performance review and recommends a strategy and roadmap to address the gaps and opportunities. Our team members have specialized expertise in key business areas, including sourcing, procurement, risk management, budgeting, business planning, financial modeling and marketing. Through their expertise, we apply one or several of the following process improvement techniques to devise a strategy that addresses your needs and is aligned with your strategic plan:

  • Process Maturity Modeling
  • Pain Point Analysis
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Organizational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Benchmarking
  • Opportunity Determination

Some of the strategies we use to address your needs include:

  • Source to Settle
  • Order to Cash
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Managed Services
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Operational Accounting
  • Outsourcing

3. Execution and Transformation

Once we develop the strategy, we will work side-by-side with your team to implement it. The recommended solutions may include back office effectiveness strategies, process optimization, new technology, target-driven performance management, and organization and policy alignment. Execution can take the form of many services, including: process and organization design, resource and technology sourcing, project management, start-up and acquisition integration and organizational change management. Transformation is a key part of this step. It’s important to know that these strategies are working for your organization. We can help develop benchmarks that will enable you to compare your performance against peers. We will also set targets and develop tracking mechanisms to help ensure you are meeting or exceeding your goals.

Our Team of Experts

Our diverse team of business experts makes our service offering unique. Each consultant has developed specialized expertise in key business areas over many decades, working for some of the largest and most respected companies and consulting firms in the world. Here’s a sampling of the professionals that could help improve your business processes:

  • A senior leader specializing in sourcing, contracting, and supplier management functions with experience in financial services, manufacturing and Big 4 consulting. Holds Ivy League undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Consumer packaged goods, beverage, and financial service industry veteran, with expertise in procurement, source to settle, back-office productivity/shared-service operations, budgeting and cost controls. Has extensive background working in organizations with global operations.
  • Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt with agriculture, automotive leasing, medical services, and beverage industry experience. Has more than two decades of experience optimizing financial performance for companies. Areas of expertise include accounting, business planning, financial modeling, and information systems.
  • Senior marketing and financial leader with Big 4 audit and beverage industry experience, specializing in managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets, annual planning, financial projections, operations, and compliance.
  • We have several consumer product group/alcohol/craft beverage leaders with diverse financial backgrounds, including tax, excise tax, M&A and IT systems (including SAP).

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