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Today’s business environment is more complex and competitive than it has ever been. In addition to the everyday challenges of running a successful organization, leaders must remain diligent about working on improving the business. Does your organization have a strategic plan—a roadmap—to guide future growth? Are there opportunities for your organization to streamline processes and improve operational effectiveness? Are you directing your effort and resources into objectives that will yield the biggest return?

Brown Smith Wallace has a team of strategic business advisors that are focused on helping public, private and governmental organizations improve their business and realize their potential. Our business advisory services help transform performance throughout the entire organization, from business strategy to technology deployment. Our consultants have highly specialized expertise in areas like business process improvement, health care reform, data analysis, insurance coverage, enterprise software consulting and strategic planning. We assist and complement the management teams we work with, resulting in solutions that improve operational efficiency and strengthen the bottom line.

The responsibility of leading an organization comes with a multitude of opportunities and challenges. Learn how our team can help you maximize your opportunities and conquer your challenges.



  • Our organization has seen tremendous growth over the last three years and decided we needed to review the entire practice to ensure we were prepared for the future in all aspects. We decided to bring in the team at Brown Smith Wallace. The collaboration with Brown Smith Wallace has been vital in our reengineering process. Several strategic initiatives were developed as part of our Practice Review they successfully completed. The Review really looked at all aspects of our practice including our culture, operations, governance, finance, operational leadership and all the components of our revenue cycle. They worked with our physicians and staff in developing strategies and an implementation schedule of prioritized objectives. They used a Lean Six Sigma approach throughout the entire project and have been able to identify tremendous opportunity to improve our quality, cost efficiencies, cash collections and the patient experience. Further they have helped me identify leadership roles and appropriate structures. I highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace as they not only have helped transform our practice, but have done so with a clear understanding of our culture and opportunities.

    Greg Thompson, President/CEO

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides accurate, easy to understand reports to our board of directors and management team. We welcome their independent ideas about operational issues we are having and their thoughts always seem to shine light on areas to focus on in the upcoming fiscal year.

    Robert Family Holdings, Inc.
    CJ Hagemann, Chief Financial Officer

  • As part of our strategic planning process and ongoing efforts to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service, St. Louis Public Library requested that Brown Smith Wallace assist with the implementation of a series of improvements to the Library’s core business services. Brown Smith Wallace assisted the Library with process improvement implementation and provided additional recommendations in investment policy, general internal controls, revenue process, ERP system, organizational structure and our accounts payable process. Their team continues to be a valued resource for us as we seek to improve how we operate and serve the public.

    St. Louis Public Library

    Justin Struttmann, Chief Operating Officer

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