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Why to Read the 2016 Software Guides


GuidesThe 2016 Distribution and Manufacturing Software Guides are out now! Here are the top 5 benefits of these informative guides:

  1. The software guides are easy to read. They highlight information on leading vendors and products in the distribution and manufacturing industries.  In a summarized formats you can learn more about the software features; technology such as operating system, database, presentation and delivery methods; and how and where the software is sold.
  2. They can guide you to the best package based on your company’s user size and provide an entry price point for the simplest configuration of the software. This basic information can help you determine a starting point for the costs when you begin to implement.  Both 2016 Software Guides include the latest application features and functions.  On our website, you can research, compare, evaluate, and analyze software choices in a detailed side-by-side feature matrix.
  3. When reading the software guides, you will find content specific to 32 niche vertical markets. Everything from bearings, fasteners, industrial supplies and equipment, to cleaning, electrical, florist, paper and plumbing.  We have about 42 associations in the distribution and manufacturing industry that endorse and distribute these guides to their members.
  4. These guides are a great tool to help you start your software selection research because they are put together by our staff of consultants, that have been providing value to their clients for over 25 years. Before you talk to software vendors about selecting or replacing existing software, stop to think about the processes that are critical to your business.
  5. Both Software Guides are free to download on our website and print copies can be mailed to your address. Click here for a description of each guide, or check out the information below on each guide.


The 26th Edition of the Distribution Software Guide has become the most used directory for wholesale distributors looking to replace or upgrade their existing business software. The guide provides detailed vendor information including feature matrixes for Enterprise Distribution and Complementary Solutions.

Click here to request 2016 Distribution Software Guide Print Copies and Download Interactive Online PDF.

2016-Manufacturing-Software-GuideIn response to market demand, the 10th Edition of the Manufacturing Software Guide has been developed to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing supply chain community. This guide includes detailed vendor pages, company demographics, product information and a feature matrix.

Click here to request 2016 Manufacturing Software Guide Print Copies and Download Interactive Online PDF.


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