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Private Equity Industry and Transaction Advisory Leaders Discuss Key Steps to Simplify M&A Working Capital


Working capital can be easy to define – current assets less current liabilities. But a lack of experience or proper procedures can quickly cause problems on either side of a transaction. The buyer or the seller could potentially face contentious post-closing disputes or even leave money on the table. 

In the July/August 2018 issue of Middle-Market Growth, Transaction Advisory Partner Bryan Graiff and Transaction Advisory Principal Dan Schoenleber, leaders in the Private Equity Industry Group, discuss key steps to take to simplify M&A working capital in a transaction:

  • Agree on the working capital definition.
  • Calculate the working capital target.
  • Make sure both sides understand the closing date cash impact.
  • Verify during post-closing true-up.

Click here to download a PDF of the article.

Learn more about our Transaction Advisory Services and Private Equity Industry Group. If you would like to discuss your M&A working capital needs, please contact Bryan Graiff or Dan Schoenleber.



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