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Transaction Advisory and Tax Leaders Co-Present Webinar “Getting Deals Done in Today’s M&A Environment: Surviving Due Diligence to Ensure a Swift Close”


In today’s mergers & acquisitions market of record-high valuations and low-cost debt, buyers and investors must be even more diligent when assessing investments or an acquisition. The procedures associated with the due diligence process have been transformed over recent years, and it is important for business owners and stakeholders to be prepared for such an intrusive feat.

Dan Schoenleber, Partner, Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support Services and Patrick McGuire, Principal, Tax Services, partnered with John Sloan and Shane Mahmood, CEO and President, respectively, of Allegiance Capital Corporation to record a webinar for owners of closely held companies who want to sell their business either in the short term or in the next few years. This webinar provides a better understanding of the due diligence process and how a business owner can achieve a successful sale.

Register here to access the webinar recording and to download a copy of the full presentation.



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