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The Bridge Revisited - The Four Demographic Trends That are Shape-Shifting Our Future Workforce

Featuring Anne Loehr

When Brown Smith Wallace created The Bridge: Connecting Women Leaders of Today & Tomorrow, we did so with professional women of all career stages in mind. The purpose of the speaker series is to be a vehicle for networking, fun and professional development. Since 2014, The Bridge has welcomed eight different speakers to discuss a variety of topics including proper etiquette, networking strategies, conflict resolution, negotiation tactics, unconscious bias and more.

The Bridge Revisited is a way for us to catch up with past speakers and learn of new initiatives or trends on the horizon in their areas of expertise.

In May of 2015, attendees of The Bridge heard nationally acclaimed “generational guru” Anne Loehr discuss the personality traits and key differences of each generation in the workforce which, at the time, were Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. Anne also shared practical tips and advice on bridging generational gaps. But a lot has changed since Anne’s presentation.

“We’ve pivoted from generations to trends,” says Anne. “Generations are being used as weapons when referring to how one acts differently than the other. It’s bigger than that!”

Anne has incorporated generational differences into a broader way of thinking about workplace trends. She is currently focusing her efforts on preparing organizations for the future workforce, as it is going to look and function entirely differently. Why? Because of four demographic trends that are shape-shifting the future:

  1. Generational shift
  2. Women in business
  3. Diversity is here
  4. Freelance workers

For a deeper dive into the four trends, head over to

Join us at The Bridge on Wednesday, May 13. Click here to learn more and register.

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