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Second Chance for Provider Relief Fund Application


Note: This article was originally published on August 6 and updated on August 26. The update reflects HHS' extension of the application deadline to September 13, 2020, for the Phase 2 General Distribution Funding for Medicaid, CHIP, dental and certain Medicare providers.

HHS has announced a second chance for providers to apply for the second round of the Phase I General Distribution. In making this announcement, HHS acknowledges that this second chance is to ensure fairness to providers. Medicaid, CHIP, dental and certain Medicare providers have until September 13 to submit their application.

The announcement specifically mentions:

  • Many providers who received small amounts from the first round of the General Distribution (which was based on 2019 Medicare payments) did not apply for the second round. Many of these providers now find themselves ineligible for the Phase II distribution for Medicaid/CHIP and dental providers since they received a small first round Phase I distribution. Beginning August 10, these providers will now be able to apply for the second round.  This distribution is based on 2 percent of total revenues for these providers based on their most recent tax returns.
  • The first round distribution was made to TINs that provided Medicare services in 2019. If those providers had a change in ownership in 2020, the payments they received could not be transferred to the new owner and had to be returned to HHS. HHS did not reissue the payments to the new owners. This announcement now allows the new owner to apply for the second round funds based on the new owner’s TIN beginning August 10. In addition to the other application requirements, the new owner will need to provide documentation proving an ownership change.

To read the complete HHS announcement, click here.

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