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Quiz: Would Your Health Care Practice Pass a Government Audit?


The federal and state governments are already recovering payments made to physicians and hospitals with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) that failed to meet Meaningful Use standards.

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1. Are you aware that you could be at risk for repaying all of your Meaningful Use incentive payments, even if only one attestation measure is incorrect?

2. Have you implemented your written mitigation plan to correct any deficiencies found in your Meaningful Use Security Risk Assessment?

3. Does your Disaster Recovery Plan ensure retention of your attestation records for at least six years?

4. Do you have documentation that the EHR in use at the time of attestation was approved by an authorized certification body?

5. If you are a physician or employ physicians who practice at multiple sites/locations, have you included the patient records from all locations (both electronic and paper) in the core measures attestation?

6. If your EHR was supported/provided through a cloud environment, do you have documentation of the version number in use at the time of attestation?

7. Do the screenshots used for your attestation include the name of the Eligible Professionals or Provider and related dates?

Ron Present

If you answered NO to any of the above you could be at risk for a repayment of your Meaningful Use dollars. To discuss your risk, contact Ron Present at 314.983.1358,

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