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Phase 3 Distributions:  Have You Received Yours?


We are getting questions from clients about the Phase 3 Provider Relief Fund distributions. Many are telling us that they have applied but have not been notified that they were ineligible nor have they received the payment. They are also telling us that the hotline cannot provide any information.

We monitor the weekly HHS update on PRF recipients. Since announcing the beginning of the Phase 3 distribution on December 16, just under $6 billion has been distributed. HHS’ original announcement said Phase 3 would be $24.5 billion. On January 12, 2021, HHS said that these Phase 3 payments will continue “through the first months of 2021” as applications are reviewed and validated. If you have not yet received a payment, it may still be forthcoming. 

HHS routinely publishes the list of providers who have accepted Provider Relief Funds. Since the announcement of beginning the Phase 3 distributions, here are the weekly distributions:

Report Issued New distributions
2/3/21 $1.70 billion
1/27/21 $0.47 billion
1/13/21 $0.52 billion
1/6/21 $1.31 billion
12/23/20 $1.99 billion
Total $5.99 billion

Here is the updated list of recipients who have received and attested to the PRF payments as of 2/3/21:

Payment Range Number of Providers Total Dollars
Less than $10,000 192,664 $563,018,259
Between $10M and $500M 191,687 $12,669,845,679
Between $500M and $750M 6,965 $4,315,655,492
Over $750M 14,027 $86,965,411,911
Total 405,343 $104,513,931,341

Are You Ready to Report? 

The reporting requirements for Phase 3 payments are no different than Phase 1 and Phase 2. Let us help you prepare so you can be ready when required to submit your reports. We can help with the registration process; use additional guided processes to help you identify, correctly allocate, and report on appropriate expenses and lost revenues; and assess your internal control’s compliance in preparation for the new deadline. Additionally, our fees can be part of an allocated expense for the use of Provider Relief Funds.



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