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Notify Employees of Health Care Exchanges by October 1


Employers are required to notify individuals of health care exchanges by October 1.

On October 1, the health insurance exchanges, also known as marketplaces, will be open for enrollment. At that time, individuals can compare and select health care coverage options through an online marketplace. Employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are mandated to notify employees of this Marketplace Notice on or before October 1, regardless of whether or not they currently or plan to take insurance.

Although the Department of Labor announced on September 11, 2013, that the $100 per day penalty for not providing a Marketplace Notice has been postponed for this year, compliance is still best practice.

Employers that offer coverage to some or all of their employees can use this model notice from the U.S. Department of Labor to comply.

Employers who do not offer a health plan can use this model.

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