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New HHS Guidance Clarifies Hiring Bonuses, Retention Payments and Taxes – Are You Ready?


As stated in our previous articles, HHS guidance on the Provider Relief Fund is fluid and complicated. On December 11, HHS added several new FAQs and modified several others. 

One important addition concerns taxes. HHS now considers taxes imposed on providers as a result of the PRF receipts to be “healthcare expenses attributable to coronavirus.”

In addition, HHS clarified, as expected, that “hiring bonuses and retention payments” are appropriate uses of PRF funds if they were necessary to secure and maintain adequate personnel. Also included are child care, transportation and temporary housing.

Click here to see the full list of changes published on December 11, 2020.

Are You Ready?

Providers should not wait until the last minute. Let us help you prepare so you can be ready. We use guided processes to help you identify, correctly allocate and report on appropriate expenses in preparation for the February 15, 2021, deadline. Additionally, our fees can be part of an allocated expense for the use of Provider Relief Funds. Please contact Ron Present at 314.983.1358 or or Mark Renken at 636.754.0234 or



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