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Key Focus Areas for Buying a Company


The climate for buy/sell transactions has never been stronger. Whether you are on the sell side or the buy side of a transaction, you will be better positioned if you follow some sound strategic fundamentals and use professionals who understand both sides of the transaction.

In the latest episode of the Brown Smith Wallace Brown Boarding Business Series, Bryan Graiff, Partner in Charge, Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support, explains the key areas to focus on when looking to buy a company.

For more information on transactions such as these, check out these articles, as featured in the St. Louis Business Journal:

Graiff_BryanFill out the adjacent form to schedule a meeting with Bryan Graiff and discuss your options on the buy side of a transaction. You can also request a copy of "10 Due Diligence Items that are Often Overlooked in Purchase Negotiations," and/or information on our Acquisition & Exit Strategy Services.



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