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Introducing the Brown Boarding Business Series+


The Brown Boarding Business Series+ is a companion channel to the Brown Boarding Business Series. Each Prezi video is designed to provide additional information for those interested in learning more about the strategic cost-saving opportunities introduced in the Brown Boarding Business Series.

Opportunity 1: Construction Auditing
BB+ Construction Audit Dave at DeskWatch as a building owner consults experienced real estate advisory services professionals to discuss the benefits of conducting a construction audit. Learn how you can save 1-3% on your next construction endeavor.

Opportunity 2: Health Care Reform
BB+ Health Care Reform Brown's GymSee how an executive learns about the key PPACA deadlines and what employers need to do to prepare for health care reform.

Opportunity 3: Captive Insurance Companies
BB+ captive insurance gas stationInterested in forming a captive insurance company? Follow an executive's journey to learn the benefits of forming a captive and whether it is a good fit for his company.


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