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Insurers May Be Forced to Cover COVID-19 Claims


Every insurance policy is slightly different. Some exclude all losses related to bacteria and viruses, while others provide coverage up to a certain amount. Do you know your policy’s details?

Many insurance policies don’t cover pandemics. However, a few states are attempting to pass laws to change that. Ohio, Massachusetts and New Jersey have all proposed bills to make insurers cover COVID-19 claims, regardless of any policy exclusions.

If your business operates in these states, keep these bills top of mind. Also, know that other jurisdictions may follow and initiate their own legislative measures or seek directives from the department of insurance. You should consider giving notice to your insurance company that you will have a business interruption loss as many insurance policies require claims to be made within a certain timeframe, so avoid missing that window.

Policies usually cover the costs for an independent accounting firm to help with your claim, so now is the time to ask for an expert’s advice. We can review your policy and help you determine your next best steps. Contact Bill Goddard, Insurance Advisory Principal, at


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