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Did COVID-19 Disrupt Your Property Tax Compliance Efforts?


Organizations throughout the country are experiencing disruptions to their businesses in light of COVID-19. Those who are able have transitioned their work force to work from home, and others have had to make cuts and scale back their employee count already. During this time of flux, it's likely that some aspects of running a business can become more challenging. Business personal property tax compliance can be difficult to manage in a short-staffed environment.

Our Business Personal Property Tax team can help manage all facets of the property tax function for a business, including immediate compliance assistance. Our professionals work with companies all over the U.S. and understand the intricacies of the different jurisdictions. A business could benefit from assistance with filing returns, managing audits and personal and real property appeals, tax bill processing (including check writing), and maintenance of property tax accruals. Our clients typically experience annual tax savings, reduced costs, improved cash flow, a cleansed fixed asset record, and mitigated jurisdictional issues.

Key services include:

  • Business personal property compliance and consulting
  • Real estate tax consulting and appeals
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Check writing for tax bill payments
  • Fixed asset reviews

If you need immediate business personal property tax compliance assistance or to learn more about our business personal property tax services, contact Jenna Kerwood, Partner, Property Tax Services, at or 314.983.1360.


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