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Frequently Asked Questions – Provider Relief Fund


In long-awaited guidance, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has clarified how "lost revenues" will be calculated during the "Period of Availability." Each quarter will be compared to the 2019 baseline. Only quarters where a provider experienced lost revenues will be counted.

Quarters where a provider had increased revenues will not offset the lost revenue quarters. As before, providers have three options to report their lost revenues. They can use actuals, budget or an alternative method.

Providers will need to report their detailed revenues for all quarters during the Period of Availability. Providers reporting in Period 1 (PRF payments received prior to June 30, 2020) will need to report detailed revenues by calendar quarter for 2019 through the second quarter of 2021.

In addition, the new guidance specifies that providers can enter zero for unreimbursed expenses attributable to coronavirus.  Below is the relevant FAQ issued on July 1, 2021 and confirmed during the HHS webinar on July 8.

What is the maximum allotment of my organization’s Provider Relief Fund amount that can be allocated to lost revenues during the period of availability of funds?

(Modified 7/1/2021)

There is not a maximum or minimum that can be allocated. Reporting Entities will see the reporting system asks for unreimbursed expenses attributable to coronavirus first in the overall use of funds calculation; it is possible for a Reporting Entity to enter “0”. Provider Relief Fund payment amounts not fully expended on unreimbursed health care-related expenses attributable to coronavirus during the period of availability are then applied to lost revenues. Lost revenues or expenses must only have been incurred during the period of availability correlating to the Payment Received Date as described in the June 11 Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements.

For Option i and Option ii, lost revenues are calculated for each quarter during the period of availability, as a standalone calculation, with 2019 quarters serving as a baseline. For each calendar year of reporting, the applicable quarters where lost revenues are demonstrated are totaled to determine an annual lost revenues amount. There is no offset. Option iii provides maximum flexibility to providers by allowing providers to calculate lost revenues using an alternate reasonable methodology.


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