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Family Wealth Ideas: The Gift of Non-Voting Stock


Investment charts and calculator.compressedQ. My father wants to give me non-voting stock in his company so that he can save estate taxes. I would rather have voting stock so I can have a say in the management of the company. Should I turn down the gift?

A. It's a gift; you shouldn't turn it down. Your father is probably not ready to give up any control, but wants to shift value and maybe income to you. Non-voting stock is a good gift because it usually is valued at a discount from its pro rata value - because it does not have any control. So you can receive more stock within the gifting limits. Trying to lower the estate tax is an act of caring; he does not pay the estate tax, but you do. And remember to give thanks to your father.

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David Heilich, Member in Charge, Family Wealth Planning Group

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