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Examples of How Process Mapping Leads to Improved Operations


We serve clients in a number of industries, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, defense logistics and more. Here are some examples of how we have improved organizations’ operational efficiency through business process mapping, analysis, benchmarking and improvement services:

  • At a regional quick serve restaurant chain, we created 3 process maps to capture their current accounts payable and general ledger processes that were highly manual. These were used to highlight waste and high operational costs, which led to the selection of new software to automate much of these processes and lower costs by an estimated 30%.
  • At a large public library organization, we captured 17 process maps at 5 levels in order to document their branch cash controls and accounts receivable processes to support internal audit and process controls.
  • At a large wholesale distributor, we captured their current business processes in 65 process models at 5 levels of the PCF. These were used as requirements to help them select a new warehouse management system.
  • At an outdoor power equipment distributor and dealer, we captured 26 process models at 5 levels to help them redesign internal processes and to select a new ERP system.
  • At a company that reprocesses scrap metal, we created 20 process models to support an internal audit of the order to cash and inventory cycles. We identified 18 gaps in controls and documented these by adding tasks and annotations to the process models.
  • At a large travel and rewards service provider, we created 30 process maps that captured the end to end process from travel booking to client invoicing. This allowed all the departments involved to work together to find and remove numerous sources of defects that were causing major accounting and customer service problems.

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