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Don't Risk Losing Your Provider Relief Funds


Can your organization survive if forced to repay your Provider Relief Funds?If you received Provider Relief Funds (PRFs), you must have certain internal controls in place or you risk losing your funds. Before the reporting deadline, you must ensure compliance with the internal controls and sources and uses requirements. 

Click here to request a PRF Compliance Assessment by our team of health care internal control experts.

In December 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) verified that all PRF recipients are subject to the requirements of the “Green Book" internal controls.

Are You Compliant?

Our experts have developed a PRF Compliance Assessment to determine whether you pass or fail in each of the regulatory components. If you are noncompliant in even just one area of the Green Book internal controls requirements and/or appropriate uses of the funds, you may be required to return the entirety of the PRFs received. After the assessment, we can help you implement proper internal controls to remediate any areas of deficiency and help you properly document how your PRFs were used.  

Click here to request your PRF Compliance Assessment today, or contact Tamika Mitchell or Mark Renken with any questions.

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