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Distribution of Phase 3 Provider Relief Funding Begins – Are You Ready?


On December 16, HHS announced that it was beginning the distribution of $24.5 billion in Phase 3 COVID-19 Provider Relief Funding. This is a significant increase from the previously announced amount. Phase 3 payments began on December 16 and will continue through January. The same terms and conditions apply as in the first two phases. You can find the announcement here

HHS has not yet released the format for the reporting portal, which is still scheduled to open on January 15, 2021. We do expect further clarification from HHS before year end. There were also limited FAQ updates published on December 18, relating to 1099s. You can find the FAQ updates here as well as an updated list of PRF payments received and attested to by December 16. These totals would not yet include the Phase 3 amounts.

Are You Ready?

Providers should not wait until the last minute. Let us help you prepare so you can be ready. We use guided processes to help you identify, correctly allocate and report on appropriate expenses in preparation for the February 15, 2021, deadline. Additionally, our fees can be part of an allocated expense for the use of Provider Relief Funds. Please contact Ron Present at 314.983.1358 or or Mark Renken at 636.754.0234 or



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