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Broker-Dealer & Investment Advisory Services Testimonials


Judy Payuk,VP/Chief Compliance Officer, First Brokerage America, LLC

“We are extremely satisfied with the audit services provided by Brown Smith Wallace. Our team at Brown Smith Wallace is always available and responsive to our questions, understands our business model and our industry, and consistently delivers outstanding and timely results. Thank you Brown Smith Wallace.”

Drew Dennison, Managing Director of Accounting and Finance, Scottrade

“Brown Smith Wallace has been able to deliver exceptional value at an excellent price point. They delivered exactly what they promised: they met fieldwork and delivery deadlines, they assigned experienced benefit plan auditors, and they knew the information they needed and only asked once. I would highly recommend them.”

Donna Frederick, Chief Operating Officer, Smith, Moore & Company

“Brown Smith Wallace has been a valuable partner to our firm. We have found their staff to be knowledgeable, fair, professional and efficient in the services they provide. We have benefited from their straightforward discussions of our business. We look forward to working with them for years to come.”

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