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Better Business Bureau Sounds Alarm About New Email Phishing Scam


tax scam tax fraudIf you have received an email with the subject line, "QuickBooks Support: Change Request," press delete.

According to the Better Business Bureau Northwest, this is the tactic being used by a new email phishing scam. Accounting Today reports that the email says it is a confirmation from Intuit that a business has changed its name. The email contains a link that claims to cancel the request. Victims that click on the link are directed to a site that downloads malware to their device. The cyber criminals can then capture passwords and other personal information from a device.

To not fall victim to such phishing schemes, the Better Business Bureau advises businesses to:

  • Always check the reply email address in these types of messages.
  • Hover your cursor over suspicious-looking links to see where they lead before clicking on them.
  • Make sure the destination Web domain is correct, rather than one with a similar-sounding name.
  • Consider how a company normally contacts you and whether this request is unusual.

Karen Stern, Partner in Charge, Entrepreneurial Services GroupIf you have questions about QuickBooks, please contact Karen Stern, Partner in Charge, Entrepreneurial Services Group, at 314.983.1204 or


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