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As Banks Offer Innovative Services, Risks Heighten


Risks ahead, street sign, gray sky, advisory services_smallStrategic, operational and compliance risk remain top concerns for bank executives, according to the recently released Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC's) Semiannual Risk Perspective report.

Strategic Risk
With increasing competition among banks, nonbanks and financial technology firms, financial institutions must offer innovative products and services to meet the demands of their customers. If banks do not use risk management practices that match their overall business strategies, innovation might heighten their strategic risk. However, the alternative to innovating is the risk of being at a competitive disadvantage.

Operational Risk
Banks, customers and third-party relationships are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Phishing attacks, extortion demands and social engineering are a few of the common ways cyber criminals are attacking banks and related businesses. This can cost a bank fraud losses, legal fees and settlements, as well as the potentially more harmful effect of a tarnished reputation.

Compliance Risk
Compliance risk management remains complex as banks implement new policies and procedures to comply with BSA/AML and the new Military Lending Act (MLA). Some banks lack sufficient resources to maintain the expertise necessary to effectively manage BSA/AML risks and fail to develop appropriate controls as their products and services change to accomodate customers.

We have a number of resources available to help educate you about risk management, cybersecurity, email phishing, BSA/AML compliance and more. Our financial institution experts are prepared to help you devise, properly design and execute a risk management plan for your needs.

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