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4 Signs You Need a Part-Time CFO


SBM January 2014 logoDo you lack detailed financial data critical to making timely and sound business decisions? Karen Stern, partner in charge of BSW Small Business Services, discusses why you might want to consider outsourcing these vital financial processes in this month’s “Financial Fitness” column, as featured in Small Business Monthly.

Here are four signs you may need a part-time CFO:

  1. You don’t have key data about your cash flow, working capital or a forecast of liquidity. A company lives or dies on its flow of information. Expand your team to include someone who can collect, analyze, interpret and effectively disseminate these details.
  2. No one is closely watching your expenses. Every dollar saved supports your company’s bottom line. Enlist top-level talent focused on a proactive approach to cost, including strategic partnering and make-or-buy decisions.
  3. You are not aware of economic, industry and regulatory changes that could drastically affect your business. A CFO can help with identifying potential business risks, such as opening new offices in areas with high state and local taxes. With a CFO’s expertise, you can develop models and budgets to run your business efficiently and manage it to profitability.
  4. You are unable to generate financial reports required by bankers, suppliers, shareholders, investors and partners. A CFO is well-equipped to evaluate offers and opportunities. He or she can help the capitalization or lending process by providing the credibility and expertise for third-party reporting. A CFO can also help with evaluating equity transactions and owner equity protection.

For a fraction of the cost for a full-time position, an outsourced CFO can provide strategic financial expertise to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk.


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