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Brown Smith Wallace Client Solar Site Design Featured in Venture Nashville

Venture Nashville

Solar Site Design, an online marketplace for solar energy project construction opportunities and a Brown Smith Wallace client, was featured in a recent article in Venture Nashville. According to Venture Nashville, Solar Site Design could be propelled by $1 million in capital in the first half of 2018.

The online marketplace is a software as a service offering of Nashville-based Loyal Enterprises, which has raised $500,000 toward its $1 million seed-stage goal, founder Jason Loyet, of St. Louis, told Venture Nashville.

Prior to creating the solar project services marketplace, Loyet owned two other businesses that supported renewable-energy project design, management and project development. Loyet has also pursued startups in publishing, content management and streaming data services.

To achieve U.S.-wide reach, the company aims to enlist at least 300 renewable energy-focused construction firms and 5,000 independent business development originators. It currently has about 90 construction companies on board.

Loyet said he believes the Solar Site Design marketplace can become a $100 million or greater business, given "the massive energy revolution" he sees ahead as the world moves from centralized to distributed energy production and as the "levelized" costs of alternative energy sources become more competitive. He said his marketplace is positioned "at the top of the [sales] funnel" for renewable energy construction firms.

Read more about our client, Solar Site Design, in this article from Venture Nashville.

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