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Bryan Graiff and Ron Present Featured in Middle Market Growth Discussing Roll-Up Acquisitions for Specialty Medical Practices


As smaller, specialty medical practices become increasingly attractive investment targets for larger practices and private equity firms, new challenges and risks present themselves both during the transaction process and post-acquisition transition.

In the May/June 2019 issue of Middle Market Growth, Bryan Graiff, Partner in Charge of Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support Services and Private Equity Industry Leader, and Ron Present, Advisory Partner and Health Care Industry Group Leader, discuss some of the challenges and risks private equity firms face when smaller medical practices are acquired and integrated into larger practices. Some of the key steps they suggest to ensure a smooth roll-up include:

  • Writing a clear letter of intent
  • Addressing due diligence and working capital obstacles early
  • Developing a comprehensive post-closing integration plan after acquisition

Click here to read the full article or here to download a PDF of the article. You can access the full May/June issue of Middle Market Growth here.

To learn more about our Private Equity Industry Group or Health Care Industry Group services, please contact Bryan Graiff or Ron Present.

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