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Organizations of all sizes are challenged with the need to balance energy costs with productivity, budget limitations and environmental stewardship. With over 25 years of energy industry experience, the energy team at Brown Smith Wallace has the expertise and knowledge to perform a variety of energy assessment services including energy project development, feasibility studies, cost estimating, energy usage analysis, project justification, auditing, and performance tracking. Our energy assessment services can help your organization save money, make smart energy choices and provide you with the necessary information to go green.

Energy Incentives

There are several state, federal and utility incentives available that could benefit your organization.  Our energy services team can determine which incentives you qualify for; and help you develop the appropriate incentive application documents. Our licensed professional engineer (PE) can certify the detailed building inspections and energy studies required in order to qualify for federal tax deductions that are allowed for energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Usage Analysis

Let our experts perform an energy usage analysis to determine if there are savings available to your organization in the form of cost containment, usage patterns, waste, etc.

Utility bill analysis
Review historical utility bills to determine if costs, usage levels, or usage patterns indicate equipment problems, operational problems or unfavorable rate selections.

Building energy assessments
Our experts can identify sources of energy waste and recommend corrective actions by performing certified building inspections.  Inspections focus on your specific needs from a very simple lighting survey to a detailed engineering system analysis.

Cost Comparison

Our energy assessment services include a vendor cost comparison in order to provide comprehensive risk services.  This comparison helps you understand where savings are available.

Provider selection
Our energy experts can evaluate competitive fee structures, where applicable,  to determine which provider will provide the most economical services based on your usage patterns.

Project justification
Our energy experts provide independent cost/benefit analysis of various vendor offers for the installation or retrofit of lighting, HVAC, windows or insulation.  Detailed reports support your decisions.

Project analysis
We provide detailed economic analysis of renewable energy and co-generation projects to determine the cost feasibility and identify all monetary incentives.

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