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Dispute advisory services, which due to their nature are often provided in a contentious and adversarial environment, require a high degree of professionalism, skill, and experience among the experts involved in such engagements. In complex litigation matters, Brown Smith Wallace Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support (TALS) professionals are engaged as experts and consultants to assess damages, value business interests and intellectual property, assess compliance with accounting and other professional standards, and provide opinions on other matters leveraging our financial expertise. Our professionals have testified in venues located across the United States in both state and federal courts and in front of arbitration panels.

The professionals at Brown Smith Wallace are committed to providing highly skilled analysis and defensible opinions related to the following dispute advisory services:

  • Civil, criminal and marital litigation support
  • Business interruption
  • Fraud investigation and quantification

Our talented TALS team, which includes former management personnel from national accounting firms, including the Big Four, financial advisory firms and multinational corporations, provide a level of competence that is expected from the largest financial advisory firms. 


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