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Technology must provide efficient access to information to help management make better, faster decisions. Brown Smith Wallace’s IT consulting team has the experience and technical knowledge necessary to serve in an independent advisory role to help your company link its technology to business goals while realizing IT resource efficiency. Our risk services professionals help your organization transform technology from an expense to a strategic investment by providing an independent and objective evaluation of your technology, costs and business fit in the following areas:


We develop a proactive IT strategy that integrates your technology with your specific business goals to create an ideal balance of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. We also design a governance framework for roles and responsibilities, IT strategy practices and risk avoidance.

Applications Planning, Process Improvement & Systems Integration

An aspect of our IT strategy is applications planning and systems integration. We help develop an applications strategy that most efficiently licenses, deploys and maintains the applications that are critical to your operations. We also analyze current business processes, new and existing applications and recommend improvements to achieve a rational, integrated systems portfolio.

Infrastructure Optimization & Transformation

We help IT organizations deliver what it promised by optimizing IT processes and operations, conducting due diligence analyses and design for maximum IT efficiency, effectiveness and value. In addition, we assist with your design and recommend IT strategy to provide an architecture that has high availability and resilience.

Asset Management (Shared Services)

IT consulting includes the examination of the cost structures and service levels of current IT sourcing, insourced or outsourced, and evaluation of the options to improve cost and service through internal adjustments, vendor selection, contract negotiation or sourcing execution.

IT Security

Communication and commerce are highly integrated in the business world. This technology has led to a need for IT security in order to protect business activities, technology and corporate data.

Our risk services IT advisory team is comprised of certified, senior-level professional staff with extensive backgrounds in business consulting, technology and process improvement. For more information, contact us today to schedule an IT advisory assessment.


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