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Considering a captive? Here are some questions to ask to help decide if this program is right for you. A Brown Smith Wallace advisor will perform a thorough analysis and determine whether a captive is right for you and how it can be designed to work with other solutions.

  • Are you currently self-insuring risks?
  • Is your company profitable?
  • Does your company have positive cash flow?
  • Do you have a business reason for setting up a captive?
  • Is your business family-owned? (What estate planning mechanisms are currently in place?)

Once it is determined that a captive will be beneficial for your situation, we will analyze the following tax questions: Is your captive’s primary business to provide insurance?

  • Are the risks being insured actually insurance risks?
  • Are the risks being insured actually being shifted to the captive?
  • Is there appropriate distribution of risk (how many insureds are involved)?
  • Do your captive’s transactions include commonly accepted notions of insurance?

>>If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact us for a complimentary insurance consultation. We’ll help you determine how a captive can benefit your business.

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