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Do you assume risk that traditional insurance companies won’t cover?

Are you paying a significant amount for coverage for ‘high-risk’ policies?

Do you wonder why other organizations have captive insurance companies—and if your business could also benefit?

Brown Smith Wallace has a team of qualified professionals that can help you answer these questions and create a tailored insurance strategy for your business that may include forming a captive insurance company.

Captive Solution. Are you overlooking an important way to save money, gain tax advantages and cover risks that are difficult and expensive to maintain? You know about large corporations with captive insurance companies (captives), a self-insurance vehicle to cover risks that traditional insurance companies don’t want to touch, such as deductibles and environmental liabilities. But small and mid-sized companies also can capitalize on the benefits captives offer.

Integrated Approach. Brown Smith Wallace brings a team of experienced advisors who create tailored captives for clients in all industries. We bring experience forming captive insurance companies for companies of all sizes and industries. Not sure if your company is a candidate for a captive? We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your risks, coverages and opportunities to save. A captive can be a smart addition to a comprehensive insurance solution.

Experienced Team. Our team knows captives—our experts have sat on both sides of the insurance table, both designing customized insurance programs and buying insurance for large companies (we even have a former captive owner on staff).

Alan Fine, Member, Insurance Advisory Services, CPA, JD
Alan specializes in insurance company taxation. He has 20 years of experience in consulting on various tax-related insurance business topics, including captives and complex GAAP and statutory accounting tax provisions. Before joining Brown Smith Wallace, Alan was a senior manager with a national accounting firm. Alan has intimate knowledge of IRS rules and regulations that govern the use of captives for tax purposes.

Bill Goddard, Principal, Insurance Advisory Services, CPCU, MBA
A 35-year veteran of the insurance industry, Bill brings considerable expertise to each client engagement. Bill served as vice president, risk management and benefits for The May Department Stores Company for more than two decades. In his role, he served as an owner of a captive insurance company. Bill thoroughly knows the insurance coverage side of the business.

Comprehensive Services. We perform a complete insurance analysis and determine the solutions that will help your business save money and to ensure the desired tax treatment. Our captive services include:

  • Captive insurance company formation
  • Reinsurance analysis
  • Tax research and structure analysis
  • Financial review, including premium claims analysis
  • Business and coverage analysis
  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • External audits

Associations & Jurisdictions

  • Members of the Missouri, Arizona and Vermont Captive Associations
  • Member, Captive Insurance Association
  • Licensed and approved to conduct regulatory audits in: Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Nevis, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont
  • Constantly entering new jurisdictions. Talk to one of our advisors for the latest updates.


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