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  • Given the amount of time and energy that we will invest in an ERP system over the next 10 years, selecting the best ERP solution was a critical business decision for us. Brown Smith Wallace did an outstanding job of guiding us through the maze of products and functionality, and of helping us understand the total investment of time, money and resources that each system truly required.

    4D Technology Corporation
    Chris Lesadd, Director of Operations

  • I love working with Brown Smith Wallace because they help me to be a successful accounting executive by teaching me how I can do my job better.  The engagement is not about finding what’s wrong; it’s about finding ways to enhance the practices I have in place to prevent potential future problems.  Their close-knit team approach is what sets them apart from all other firms. A real gem to partner with.

    ACME Constructors
    Kathy Cassidy, Controller

  • We were extremely pleased with our enterprise information security risk assessment performed by Brown Smith Wallace. They identified several different areas that were at risk, and developed the foundation to increase control of our information security. As a result of their expertise, more than 30 policies were rewritten, consolidated or created.

    Arch Coal
    Mike Abbene, V.P./CIO-Retired

  • Brown Smith Wallace assisted the Archdiocese of St. Louis with an internal audit assessment of guidelines and controls related to electronic financial transactions at parishes made through shared accounting. Their team identified gaps in existing internal control guidelines and made recommendations to improve controls related to electronic transactions, including invoice transmission and processing, electronic check signatures, electronic bank statement reviews, online payments and electronic document retention. The final reported demonstrated a thorough understanding of our organization and its processes. Ultimately, the project resulted in recommendations that make sense based on how we operate and should help tighten controls in the long run once implemented. The knowledge and insight from the Brown Smith Wallace team was valuable, and we are appreciative of their expertise and the final report we received.

    Archdiocese of St. Louis

    Katie Feise, Internal Audit

  • Ron Steinkamp and others from Brown Smith Wallace have partnered with the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) – Ozarks Chapter to provide webinars to our members. The webinars have been very well-received by our members. The insights that Brown Smith Wallace brings in the areas of government auditing, internal control, data analysis and fraud have helped to educate our members about the importance of internal controls and data analysis in government as well as fraud prevention and detection.

    Association of Government Accountants (AGA) – Ozarks Chapter

    Renee Vines, Education Chair

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been instrumental in helping Belden build its internal audit, enterprise risk management, and Sarbanes-Oxley programs. I really appreciate the level of partner involvement and thought leadership and the impact they have had on our company.

    Belden, Inc.
    Jessica Herr, Director, Financial Planning – former

  • For the last five years, Brown Smith Wallace has provided tax, accounting, and consulting services for our family of owners and various corporate entities in the US, Canada and Mexico. The initial transition went smoothly and the assigned team has remained consistent over the years. We can’t say enough about the engagement team. They have strong technical skills, are extremely responsive and very easy to work with. We’re fortunate to work with a firm that takes a strong personal interest in its clients while being dedicated to providing value-added service.

    Beltservice Corporation
    Mike Gray, CFO

  • I worked with Brown Smith Wallace on several internal audit projects. I found them to be very knowledgeable of health care operations and understood how the work they completed was integrated into and enhanced our internal controls. One internal audit area of great help was the analysis and development of controls related to data access and its meaningful use implications.

    BJC Health Care
    Mary Riggs, Manager

  • Before working with Brown Smith Wallace, our organization’s accounting practices needed structure. The level of expertise, oversight, analysis and service that Brown Smith Wallace promised to provide far surpassed their nearest competitor and were major factors in our decision to engage them. Working with Brown Smith Wallace has given us the ability to track our finances more accurately, and has helped us improve our strategic decision making. Between the detailed financial reports, dashboards and monthly reviews, we now have detailed knowledge of how our organization is performing financially and can make informed decisions much quicker than in the past. Additionally, our audits for the past three years have resulted in very clean 990s due to the carefully detailed work that Brown Smith Wallace provides us. They are such a joy to work with and have become an integral part of our staff. I highly recommend them to any nonprofit or for-profit company looking for accuracy, timeliness, service and dependability.

    CASA of St. Louis

    Steve Moergen, Executive Director

  • A few years ago, we made the decision to move our audit and tax work to a larger firm. We had grown considerably, and were looking for a firm that could provide value beyond just the traditional audit and tax work that we had needed in the past. Our requirements did not preclude a firm that was unfamiliar with our industry from being chosen, but certainly the size of the firm and their commitment to quality were important factors to us. We were looking for a good fit and a good partner. After an extensive review, we chose Brown Smith Wallace to be our partner.

    From the start of our engagement, Brown Smith Wallace did not disappoint, as they initially impressed us with their audit and tax knowledge and capabilities. Early on, they recommended a change in a tax filing that saved us a considerable sum of money….and we realized they had a whole lot more to offer. We have used them to assist us with acquisitions, conduct penetration tests of our IT security, and perform a variety of operational and financial special projects.

    If you are looking for an accounting firm that adds real value, strives to understand your business, and is committed to being a long-term partner, you should talk to Brown Smith Wallace.

    CCA Global Partners
    Jim Acker, CFO

  • The team of professionals at Brown Smith Wallace have exceeded my expectations from a service and delivery perspective. Through their work, they have been able to craft a meaningful short-term and long-term strategy for all aspects of our services including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services. Working in concert with our Board and Management, several key governance and operational redesign improvements have been identified and implemented which will have a positive impact both financially and strategically. Their knowledge of the industry and ability to help guide our team through the ever changing health care environment has been critical to our long-term success.

    Chateau Girardeau
    Lynne Spriggs, Former Administrator and CEO

  • I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace on numerous projects related to financial and tax reporting. The Brown Smith Wallace team provides highly responsive and skilled valuation services that help me keep focused on more value-added tasks for portfolio companies. I feel like I can rely upon the advice provided by Brown Smith Wallace.

    Chris, Private Equity Professional Chicago, IL

  • After many interviews and a lot of research, we chose Brown Smith Wallace to be our new accounting partner. Making the switch to Brown Smith Wallace was one of the best business decisions we have made. The firm has been extremely capable in handling our books, and the response time if we have questions has been amazing. They are experts in all the systems we use and have been able to offer guidance at every turn. One of our goals was to have reporting that could specifically help us steer our business in the direction that would be most profitable. Within the first month of working together, they had all the reports we wanted up and running. Brown Smith Wallace has treated us like a VIP account, even though we’re a small business and not even close to one of their biggest customers. Our questions and concerns have been addressed immediately with respect and patience, and most importantly, with results. Thanks to Brown Smith Wallace for helping this little business get to the next level!

    Circus Kaput
    Ginger Routh, Owner

  • The City of Moberly requested Brown Smith Wallace conduct an analysis of the city’s water and sewer billings and collections. The objective was to ensure billings and collections, as reported by the city, were reasonable and controls were in place, adequate and operating effectively to ensure the accuracy and proper reporting of future water and sewer revenues. Their team performed detailed data analytic procedures on water and sewer billing records between over two years. The results included recommendations to improve our procedures and internal controls over water and sewer billings and collections. Their analysis identified several potential data anomalies. Due to the nature of the utility billing process, these anomalies need to be further researched to determine if billing inaccuracies exist. A significant initiative being led by city management is underway to correct the various items identified during this assessment and other related projects. We are grateful for the work Brown Smith Wallace has done and continues to do for the City of Moberly.

    City of Moberly

    Mary West, Director of Utilities

  • During the years we have worked with Brown Smith Wallace, I have found that their team has tremendous expertise in local government financial operations. They have demonstrated a keen understanding of our risks and worked with our city officials to develop sensible solutions to mitigate those risks. Moreover, they have provided us with a number of suggested “best practices” in day-to-day operations and have helped document the way we do things. I can say without question that Brown Smith Wallace has truly made a measurable difference for the City of St. Charles and its finance department. I would recommend their organization for any work for which they are under consideration.

    City of St. Charles
    Michael L. Spurgeon, Former Director of Administration

  • Brown Smith Wallace performed a fraud risk assessment for the City of St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department to identify potential occupational fraud risks within the financial and accounting processes, evaluate existing internal controls, and recommend the implementation of controls and processes designed to properly address those risks. As a result of that risk assessment, the firm identified opportunities to improve our internal controls and recommended ways to better prevent fraud in the future.

    City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department

    Maralee Britton, Director of Parks and Recreation

  • Brown Smith Wallace has assisted the Internal Audit Section of the City of St. Louis with various construction audit projects. These projects have focused on reviews of contracts, payment applications and change orders. These construction audits have improved internal controls within the city, and have subsequently helped save taxpayer dollars. We value the expertise and personalized service the Brown Smith Wallace team has provided us.

    City of St. Louis, Internal Audit Section

    Mohammad Adil, Audit Supervisor

  • Brown Smith Wallace has assisted the City of St. Louis in a review of its Internal Audit function in accordance with professional standards outlined by the Institute of Internal Auditors. The team from Brown Smith Wallace, led by Ron Steinkamp, provided the City with recommendations related to Internal Audit that should improve Internal Audit’s conformance to the professional standards as well as the efficiency and effectiveness in which they operate. I highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace.

    City of St. Louis/Comptroller’s Office
    Elaine Harris Spearman, Esq., Former Legal Advisor & Chief of Staff

  • Brown Smith Wallace Consulting has incredible depth of knowledge about the distribution business. They listen, and take what they learn to actionable results. Their ERP selection experience was invaluable to CSC. Without question, Brown Smith Wallace had the most positive rate of return of ANY consulting firm I have ever hired, and I’ve hired a lot of consultants over the years.

    Communications Supply Corp.
    Mason Rotelli, CIO & VP Inventory Management

  • When we transitioned from a national firm to Brown Smith Wallace, we immediately noticed a difference in service and audit approach. The new leadership team welcomes spending time with us, including planning, exit and mid-year catch-up meetings, formal presentations and phone calls. They ask the right kinds of questions and don’t get lost in the details. They do their homework regarding audit procedures and risk assessments, provide a quality audit, and never miss deadlines. If issues arise, they talk to us about options, and together we generate solutions. It’s a great partnership.

    Concordia Seminary
    Chad J. Cattoor, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

  • Ron Present has been a valued Board Member and business advisor for several years. He has helped provide strategic direction for our campus in preparing for health care and senior housing services industry changes. I have worked with Ron and Brown Smith Wallace to help evaluate our competition, analyze our market area, provide strategic planning training and information to the Board and staff, and provide financial modeling for the development of complementary options to our skilled and assisted living services. I found Ron and his team to be timely, strategic in nature and a true partner in our relationship. I highly recommend Ron and Brown Smith Wallace for strategic planning, operational process improvements, and financial modeling services as a great resource in the health care industry.

    Crystal Oaks
    Jim Arnold, Administrator

  • Excellent service, great audit firm.

    Custom Disability Solutions
    A division of Reliance Standard Life Ins. Co.
    Paul K. Fields, Chief Financial Officer

  • We have worked with Brown Smith Wallace on numerous engagements. Brown Smith Wallace consistently demonstrates a passion for client service by providing high quality, well-supported analysis and always being responsive to our questions and those of our Big 4 auditors. We would gladly work with Brown Smith Wallace again.

    ESCO Technologies, Inc.
    Public Company, Multinational Scientific and Technical Instruments Manufacturer
    Michele Marren, Vice President and Corporate Controller

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides me with very attentive, quality service. With all my endeavors, my tax situation is very complicated, but they keep it simple for me. I’m an entrepreneur, not a tax expert. Their advice and assistance in this area is invaluable to me. It’s also fun to work with them, in fact, my partner is also my friend.

    Executive, Investor, Real Estate Operator
    Hans Wiemann

  • The executive team at our portfolio company in St. Louis asked that we use the Brown Smith Wallace Transaction Advisory team to conduct financial due diligence on one of their small add-on acquisitions. We had typically used a Big 4 firm for accounting due diligence. The professionals at Brown Smith Wallace did such a thorough job identifying issues and risks that were not identified during the letter of intent (LOI) process that we now use them on all add-on transactions for this portfolio company. They also handle all the intangible purchase accounting needs at these companies. Brown Smith Wallace does a great job learning the business before they perform due diligence and work extremely well with the seller. They are able to reassure the seller that we are a great firm to sell their privately owned business to and continue on with an ownership stake.

    FFL Partners
    Karen Winterhof, Vice President

  • We are extremely satisfied with the audit services provided by Brown Smith Wallace. Our team at Brown Smith Wallace is always available and responsive to our questions, understands our business model and our industry, and consistently delivers outstanding and timely results. Thank you Brown Smith Wallace.

    First Brokerage America, LLC
    Judy Payuk, VP/Chief Compliance Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been helping my dermatology practice for over 10 years, and my father’s pediatric practice before that. I couldn’t imagine doing business without them.

    They maintain our personal and business records with ease and expertise. They are extremely knowledgeable in the complexities and nuances of physician practices which have helped me keep my medical practice thriving when others are struggling. I refer colleagues to them because I’m confident they will find no better firm. They are truly experts.

    First Capitol Dermatology L.L.C.
    Henry W. Clever III, M.D.

  • Brown Smith Wallace performed a rigorous audit of not only our financial statements but our business. They helped us find cost savings in our healthcare spend and provided insights into key metrics in our business lending department.

    First Community Credit Union
    Glenn Barks, Chief Executive Officer

  • We started working with Brown Smith Wallace in 2016, and we have been very happy with the quality of service we have received. They facilitated our transition to their firm in a seamless and timely manner. Brown Smith Wallace offers a wide variety of services with expert staff who specialize in specific areas, such as construction accounting, sales tax and transaction services. In addition to offering exceptional accounting services, Brown Smith Wallace employees have been wonderful to work with on a one-on-one basis.  They have been very helpful in making sure our accounting practices are accurate. Brown Smith Wallace has been able to resolve all our accounting inquiries and dilemmas with quick and informative solutions. We have been very pleased with Brown Smith Wallace and are looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

    Fixture Contracting Co, Inc.

    Connie Kuntz, Controller

  • Prior to engaging Brown Smith Wallace, we had conversations with several different CPAs, national technology advisors and other IT providers about software selection services. Almost every conversation provided a suggested ERP solution, but only Brown Smith Wallace offered the comprehensive approach that led to a system selection we never would have originally considered. Their team’s simple and straight-forward approach provided the road map that challenged us to examine our organization and produce the business process maps that led to documenting our business requirements. This discovery process promoted internal discussion and employee collaboration that helps overcome the reluctance to change. Our manufacturing team requires specific functionality to accommodate specific needs of production, distribution and vessel management. Our goal was to find the right ERP system for our process manufacturing environment, without major modification to the system. Brown Smith Wallace advised and guided us to a successful selection.

    Foam Supplies, Inc.

    Roland Thomas, CFO

  • Brown Smith Wallace provided important advice on how we could further explain who we serve and how we provide our critical and unique services on our 990. This increased our Charity Navigator rating to a 4, the highest rating available. We are grateful for the assistance from the Brown Smith Wallace team in helping our organization reach this milestone.

    Food Outreach, Inc.

    Julie Pole, Executive Director

  • It was a pleasure to work with Brown Smith Wallace on an engagement for one of my clients. The Brown Smith Wallace team was very easy to work with – they were eager to answer my questions during the engagement and were responsive to the timing needs of my client. In addition, Brown Smith Wallace’s thorough analysis and report met the documentation needs of my client.

    Greg G., Attorney

  • When I consulted with Brown Smith Wallace about my individual taxes, they pointed out a recent technical development that applied directly to my individual situation and as a result were able to reduce my overall tax liability. They also reviewed my Company’s prior year corporate state returns and found that one state’s apportionment factor had been overstated. In the end, they were able to identify significant tax savings on both my individual and corporate tax returns. Needless to say, I’m delighted with their attention to detail and focus on providing value.

    Hamilton Metals
    Jim Millman, President

  • I’ve had a relationship with Brown Smith Wallace since 2003. They’ve been our independent auditors and tax advisors during that entire period. I can’t speak more highly of their independence and their competency. They provide excellent service and have been a great business partner.

    Healthcare Services Group
    Rich Anderson, Chief Financial Officer

  • On behalf of the IIA Memphis chapter, I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your exceptional two-hour webinar training on Fraud Prevention & Detection. We truly enjoyed how Ron Steinkamp shared stories of his experiences to illustrate how the fraud detection process works. The training topic and style of delivery was very well received by our chapter members. The time flew by and the chapter members I spoke with later in the day indicated they had many takeaways from the training that could help them improve their fraud audits. Thank you for being the first webinar speaker in the history of IIA Memphis!

    IIA Memphis 

    Valerie Annang, Chapter President

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides us with detail-oriented, user friendly service as our outsourced internal audit provider. They’ve been very helpful in enhancing our controls with their internal control and operational recommendations. We have made particularly good use of their sampling resources and they have provided us with very helpful, independent support to our SOX compliance efforts. I am very impressed with the depth of their insurance industry knowledge, and I find them very approachable and easy to work with. They have demonstrated great flexibility in our dynamic environment.

    Independence Holding Company
    Paul Janerico, Vice President, Internal Audit

  • Brown Smith Wallace’s IT security professionals helped the bank enhance our control over technology with proactive advice, attention to scope and budget with insights into best practices.

    Integra Bank N.A.
    Sherry Meeks, VP-Internal Audit Manager

  • Brown Smith Wallace managed the intangible asset, real estate, and equipment valuations related to our recent acquisition. From the beginning to the end of the engagement, Brown Smith Wallace was very responsive to our questions and those of our Big 4 audit firm. Brown Smith Wallace provided a high quality report and analysis that met our needs.

    Investment and Management Firm
    Andy, Vice President, Corporate Development

  • J. F. Electric has been a client of Brown Smith Wallace for over 30 years and I can attest to the fact that they provide a measurable difference and have assisted our firm in many aspects of our business. Brown Smith Wallace provides our annual certified financial audits, monthly financial reviews with management, tax strategies and benefits analysis, business risk services, insurance and employee benefits analysis and recommendations, management consulting services as well as other valuable services. The management and support staff of Brown Smith Wallace that we have had the pleasure to have worked with over the past many years, have all been very knowledgeable and experienced in their field of expertise. They consistently exceed our expectations in every way.

    J.F. Electric, Incorporated
    Greg Fowler, P.E., President and CEO

  • Brown Smith Wallace is always responsive to our requests and very easy to work with. They take a strong personal interest in their clients and are dedicated to providing value-added service.

    Jim Butler Chevrolet Inc.

    Brad Sowers, President

  • Our experience with Brown Smith Wallace has exceeded our expectations. Their team is not only knowledgeable on the latest tax laws and accounting standards, but they have presented numerous cost savings and revenue-generating ideas for our business. Their strategies have had a significant positive impact on our bottom line at a critical time of growth for our business. Their tax and accounting experts are incredibly responsive to questions, phone calls and emails. Beyond all of this, they are compassionate and care about us not just as a client, but as people and friends. I cannot thank them enough for their support and guidance.

    JP's Sports Bar and Grill

    John Pedrolie, Owner

  • As a client of Brown Smith Wallace since fall 2010, we have realized significant tax savings through proactive tax planning. They also served as our ‘outsourced’ accounting staff while our controller was out on maternity leave. Their dedicated staff works in unison with us, and we’re very pleased with the consulting, planning, accounting and compliance services provided.

    Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC
    Geri Boyer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • Brown Smith Wallace has provided our firm with responsive, detail-oriented and value-driven services since 2000. They do a great job of understanding our business and tailoring their audit work to efficiently address the relevant risk areas. They offer excellent recommendations on improving controls in a manner that is consistent with the size and complexity of our organization. My team and I find the Brown Smith Wallace professionals to be helpful and easy to work with. It’s a great partnership and I would highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace to any of my peers for audit, tax and consulting services.

    Kennedy Capital Management, Inc.

    Niraj Shah, Chief Operating Officer

  • The Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support team provides attention to detail, but remains efficient and delivers real value. That decreases my deadline worries. You know you are working with true subject matter experts, their credentials aren’t just words on a CV.

    Law Firm, St. Louis, MO
    Satisfied Consulting Client

  • We engaged Brown Smith Wallace to perform an independent review of our insurance policies ahead of the yearly renewal deadline. Their consultants pointed us to an alternate insurer who specializes in writing property insurance policies for higher education entities. As a result of the insurance review, I was able to secure more comprehensive coverage geared toward the specific needs of our university at a much lower price. We are grateful for their insurance expertise and quick action to help generate cost savings that can be reinvested across the university.

    Lindenwood University

    Frank Sanfilippo, Chief Financial Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been our accounting firm since my business partner and I purchased the business in 1996. In 2003, they were instrumental in helping me complete my purchase of total ownership. The overall expertise they bring to a closely held organization goes far beyond audit and tax services. They are my business partner, and part of my family.

    Livingston Pipe and Tube, Inc.
    Ron Mueller, President & Owner

  • Brown Smith Wallace helped us restructure our accounting to better allocate overhead and understand the profitability of each of our business segments. Our relationship with them then expanded to include an evaluation of our compensation models, pay structures and sales incentive strategy. It's clear their Craft Beverage Industry Group has the business performance consulting experience to help us remain competitive in an evolving industry.

    Lohr Distributing Co.
    Sabrina Lohr, Director of Administration

  • We interviewed several accounting firms when setting up our private equity firm. We ultimately chose Brown Smith Wallace because of their experienced team of transaction and tax advisors that have both private equity and public company experience. The transaction advisors at Brown Smith Wallace worked well with our attorneys and the seller’s advisors to set up the proper acquisition structure and working capital peg to acquire our first portfolio company. They also performed the financial due diligence needed to get us comfortable with the deal terms and support our financing needs.

    Louis York Capital

    Drew Caylor, Partner

  • In the past 10 years, Synod has gone through significant change, and the Brown Smith Wallace team has been right there with us. The complexity of our organizational structure is anything but straightforward, and this team learns by asking the right questions, which results in generating solid solutions to our evolving issues. Our year-round relationship and the dialogue that is shared shows they are part of a team working for us, not against us. Their partnership is a valuable resource for The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

    Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
    Jerald C. Wulf, Chief Financial Officer

  • Continuity of key members of the Brown Smith Wallace NPO audit team helped with my first year transition into an executive role in the Synod’s accounting department. The team walked me through how everything worked so I didn’t feel undue stress during the audit. Knowing an experienced team was always available when I reached out during the year, and was there to support me through transition and audit committee meetings, contributed to my confidence through the entire audit process.

    Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
    Ross Stroh, Executive Director of Accounting

  • In a demanding business environment, Brown Smith Wallace has quickly become our most important third-party relationship. Our partnership started with audit and tax services, but has since progressed to IT and other services as we have grown. Their professionals have taken an extra effort to understand our business and add value through service and relationships. Brown Smith Wallace takes the extra step to make connections in areas that they don’t specifically work in, too. Working with a firm that strives to identify opportunities both inside and outside of the current scope of work has been truly refreshing.

    M1 Bank and M1 Bancshares, Inc.

    Trent Hills, Director, Chief Financial Officer and Founding Member

  • The team from Brown Smith Wallace conducted a management audit for the Madison County Health Department. Their ability to bring the right blended expertise of Governmental and Health Care services to support our needs was fantastic. They helped us identify our processes, looked at our quality and operating metrics and then worked with us to create a practical implementation plan to enhance them. They focused on all areas of our operations including the intake process, financial systems and controls, staff and service assessments, governance, competitor analyses, grant development, service delivery and information systems. They worked as a true partner and did not make us feel like “just a client”. They truly cared about the outcome of our project. I would work with Brown Smith Wallace again in the future and highly recommend their services.

    Madison County Health Department
    Toni Corona, Public Health Administrator

  • Brown Smith Wallace has provided valuation services to our portfolio companies for several years. Brown Smith Wallace has proven that it can provide high quality services at a reasonable price, which helps us to minimize our cost of compliance related to financial reporting and tax requirements.

    Mainsail Partners
    Jason Payne, Managing Partner
    San Francisco, CA

  • The longer we work with Brown Smith Wallace, the more we feel they’re a partner in our success. What stands out about Brown Smith Wallace is their willingness to listen to us. Offering us strong insights and guidance is the value added we’ve come to depend on.

    Markway Construction Co.
    Larry Huddleston, Office Manager

  • In addition to finding significant savings on Mercy construction projects, the Brown Smith Wallace Construction Audit team understands our values and culture – treating vendors as Mercy would. The team members have broad skillsets and deep industry experience, bringing us a concentration of industry best practices.

    Mercy Hospital
    Geralyn Lynch, Director Facilities Finance

  • Ron Steinkamp is a frequent speaker at Missouri Municipal League conferences, trainings and webinars. His presentations have always been well-received by our audiences. His insights into fraud prevention and awareness have alerted our municipal officials to the vital importance of internal controls and financial oversight. The Missouri Municipal League recognizes Ron's expertise in forensic auditing.

    Missouri Municipal League

    Stuart Haynes, Policy and Membership Associate

  • Brown Smith Wallace served as our independent auditor for six reporting periods, and during that time, they provided immeasurable guidance to our team on reporting changes associated with the implementation of GASB 68 and 75. They’ve always served as a trusted business advisor to us, making themselves available whenever we had questions surrounding potential vendor, staffing and internal procedure changes. Their experienced team provided best practice consultations and opportunities to increase the strength of our operational control environment.

    Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MOPERM)

    Larry Weber, Executive Director

  • Over the years, Brown Smith Wallace experts have shared their expertise with our members as presenters at our continuing education conferences. They consistently receive high ratings and positive feedback. In addition, they are collaborative, flexible and easy to work with. Their insights have enhanced the value of our sessions and have resulted in repeat attendees to our events.

    Missouri Society of CPAs

    Dan Koontz, Director of Professional Development

  • We have worked with Brown Smith Wallace on numerous valuation engagements over the last several years. As a public company with SEC reporting requirements, it is critical that our service providers provide high quality services in a timely manner. Brown Smith Wallace delivers a high level of client service by being responsive to our questions, adaptive to changing timelines, and providing high quality technical advice and deliverables that meet our requirements.

    Multinational Electrical Equipment and Components Manufacturer
    Public Company
    Doug, Corporate Controller

  • Brown Smith Wallace was knowledgeable, professional, and demonstrated a sincere commitment to a high level of client service. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Brown Smith Wallace on future business valuations.

    National Healthcare Services Provider
    Paul, Chief Financial Officer

  • I began working with Brown Smith Wallace seven years ago when I was organizing my corporation and opening my practice. Since then they have been instrumental in every aspect of my business growth. Their familiarity and expertise with medical practices has made them an invaluable asset. They are reliable, personable and professional, I strongly recommend them.

    Nayak Plastic Surgery P.C.
    Mike Nayak, M.D.

  • Our organization has seen tremendous growth over the last three years and decided we needed to review the entire practice to ensure we were prepared for the future in all aspects. We decided to bring in the team at Brown Smith Wallace. The collaboration with Brown Smith Wallace has been vital in our reengineering process. Several strategic initiatives were developed as part of our Practice Review they successfully completed. The Review really looked at all aspects of our practice including our culture, operations, governance, finance, operational leadership and all the components of our revenue cycle. They worked with our physicians and staff in developing strategies and an implementation schedule of prioritized objectives. They used a Lean Six Sigma approach throughout the entire project and have been able to identify tremendous opportunity to improve our quality, cost efficiencies, cash collections and the patient experience. Further they have helped me identify leadership roles and appropriate structures. I highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace as they not only have helped transform our practice, but have done so with a clear understanding of our culture and opportunities.

    Greg Thompson, President/CEO

  • We have enjoyed working with Brown Smith Wallace on multiple projects. Although we may not be Brown Smith Wallace’s biggest client, they have always made us feel that we were highly valued. Brown Smith Wallace provides sound technical advice and high quality deliverables, answers our questions in a timely manner, and easily adapts to changing engagement circumstances.

    Overland Solutions, Inc.
    Bryan Griffin, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Overland Park, KS

  • Brown Smith Wallace is a great partner for the breadth of services that we require. Not only do they perform our typical annual audit, we also have two HUD audits that we need each year and all of our audits require Uniform Guidance compliance. In addition, they perform our 403(b) audit and audits for two for-profit entities under a Master Lease arrangement. As a fairly complex entity, it’s nice to know we can obtain all the expertise we need under one roof! The staff we work with are terrific!

    Places for People

    Laura McCallister, Vice President of Finance & Facilities

  • Brown Smith Wallace provided project management for the intangible and tangible asset valuations related to several recent acquisitions. Brown Smith Wallace was knowledgeable, professional, and demonstrated a sincere commitment to providing a high level of client service. We would not hesitate to use Brown Smith Wallace for valuation services related to future acquisitions.

    Private Equity Firm
    J.D., Managing Partner

  • We’ve worked with Brown Smith Wallace for several years. Brown Smith Wallace has demonstrated its mastery of the fair value standards and ability to explain these concepts to management. Their valuation reports have withstood scrutiny from our auditors and any of their questions have always been answered quickly and satisfactorily. Brown Smith Wallace meets our deadlines at the agreed to budget. There have been no unpleasant surprises – only good ones!

    Private Equity-Backed Portfolio Company
    Susan, Chief Financial Officer
    Orange County, CA

  • I was hired to be the platform CFO for a large private equity firm executing an aggressive roll-up strategy after they had already completed three significant add-on acquisitions. I called my relationship partner in the Brown Smith Wallace Transaction Advisory practice the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving asking for help with post-closing accounting support and diligence efforts on new acquisitions. Right away they mobilized a team to help us meet our audit objectives. They also helped us execute and account for over $200M of acquisitions during the following two years I was at the Company.

    Private-Equity-Owned Company

    Ron Moser, Former CFO

  • Brown Smith Wallace provided project management and technical oversight of the intangible and tangible asset valuations to meet our purchase accounting needs. Brown Smith Wallace provided a high quality work product that met our needs and their valuation opinions withstood scrutiny from our independent audit firm.

    Privately Held Company
    J.B., Controller

  • We have had good experiences working with Brown Smith Wallace. Due to our SEC reporting requirements, many of our engagements have had tight deadlines and Brown Smith Wallace have completed those engagements on-time and on-budget. We appreciate their ability to respond to our needs with a high degree of professionalism.

    Public Company
    Scott, Finance Executive
    New York, NY

  • Brown Smith Wallace provided project management and technical oversight of the intangible, real, and personal property valuations related to our last two acquisitions. Based upon their performance, I would not hesitate to recommend Brown Smith Wallace’s valuation services to another company. The valuation team was quick to respond to our queries and update their analysis based upon new information. Finally, Brown Smith Wallace’s report and schedules withstood scrutiny from our Big 4 audit firm.

    Publicly Traded Chemicals Company
    T.S., Finance Executive

  • We hired Brown Smith Wallace to assist with our financial reporting and tax valuation requirements related to the acquisition of a company with assets in the U.S. and Asia. I appreciated the degree to which the Brown Smith Wallace valuation team was available throughout the engagement – often on short notice – to answer questions and respond to requests. The Brown Smith Wallace valuation team provided timely technical guidance that helped me understand the practical and theoretical implications of the fair value accounting standards. Changing engagement circumstances were handled efficiently and effectively in order to ensure that our deadlines were met.

    Publicly Traded Company
    D.K., Senior Vice President – Finance

  • We originally hired Brown Smith Wallace to audit our benefit plans because they offered a lower price point than our Big Four firm. Very quickly, we began to understand that the quality they offered was higher than what we were accustomed to. So it has been a win-win for us.

    Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
    Thomas G. Granneman, Corporate VP and Controller

  • We hired Brown Smith Wallace to help us through a multi-faceted business performance consulting engagement. Our initial need was program and project-level management to meet our transition timeline and minimize business disruption through our transition of IT and back-office operations, while focusing on a long-term operational effectiveness plan. Brown Smith Wallace was able to deliver timely and meet all Transition Service Agreement (TSA) requirements. They are now a partner assisting with productivity improvement efforts.

    Brian Purcell, Former CFO

  • We have enjoyed working with the Brown Smith Wallace team. Even when key personnel were out of the country on vacation, they continued to be responsive to our questions and requests. Brown Smith Wallace clearly takes pride in their work and values their clients. We would not hesitate to work with Brown Smith Wallace again.

    Ritz Camera & Image, LLC
    Tom Hermann, Chief Financial Officer
    Beltsville, MD

  • The Brown Smith Wallace team has played an instrumental role in our company’s continued growth and success. By first learning who we are and our objectives, they then helped us define our needs and execute our vision. Their expertise has already made positive impacts:  the insurance consulting services resulted in $80,000 in savings for us and the IC DISC tax idea saved us $600,000 annually. Our board and management team were ecstatic about the change to Brown Smith Wallace. We are so glad to partner with professionals that bring their A-game to every interaction and service.

    Robert Family Holdings, Inc.
    CJ Hagemann, Chief Financial Officer

  • As an international company with an operation in Missouri, we consider the Brown Smith Wallace Entrepreneurial Services Group to be one of our key advisors. They provide us with outstanding services, and we have trusted them with our U.S. accounting obligations for years. With our head office in Australia, we rely on Brown Smith Wallace to be our local financial managers. We are consistently impressed with their technical expertise and professional client service.

    Rock Tek Ltd (A division of Ausdrill Ltd.)
    Tony Hickey, General Manager

  • I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace for years because they understand my needs and my business. I was even more impressed when I was subject to a Missouri sales tax audit. Due to their high level of expertise, the Department of Revenue went away empty handed. I couldn’t have been happier.

    Rommex Enterprises, dba Aqua World
    John Schneiderhahn, President

  • Brown Smith Wallace has provided audit, tax and consulting services to SAK Construction since 2011. They have done a great job of understanding our business and tailoring their audit work to efficiently address the relevant risk areas. The audit and tax personnel on our job meet with us quarterly to stay abreast of our financial progress toward meeting our plans and to be proactive in addressing new developments and changes in our business. This level of communication has helped us resolve issues during the year and assisted us in structuring transactions with the flexibility to do so in a tax-efficient manner. It has also helped us prepare for the implementation of new accounting rules that impact our financial statements. I would highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace to any of my peers for audit, tax and consulting services.

    SAK Construction

    Roger Archibald, Chief Financial Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been able to deliver exceptional value at an excellent price point. They delivered exactly what they promised: they met fieldwork and delivery deadlines; they assigned experienced benefit plan auditors, and they knew the information they needed and only asked once. I would highly recommend them.

    Drew Dennison, Former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

  • I joined what is now Siemens PLM Software in late 2004 after a career in public accounting with a Big Four firm. I started the Internal Audit function, and co-sourced with Brown Smith Wallace for our international and domestic SOX and internal audit work. Initially, I used a Big 4 firm for the IT audit and controls testing for our global SAP environment. After the first year, I moved all the work to Brown Smith Wallace because they demonstrated their expertise and know-how. Our IT management appreciated the service improvement from Brown Smith Wallace’s more experienced and competent IT audit professionals. Although the nature of the projects we do with Brown Smith Wallace has evolved over the past 5 years, we continue to work with them because they combine high quality service with fair rates to deliver value. In short, it’s always quality work with no surprises.

    Siemens PLM Software
    Tom Beitel, Vice President, Finance, Global Zone Operations

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been a valuable partner to our firm. We have found their staff to be knowledgeable, fair, professional and efficient in the services they provide. We have benefited from their straight forward discussions of our business. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

    Smith, Moore & Company
    Donna Frederick, Chief Operating Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace helped us to understand the various options available to value our internally-developed software for potential sale or license. Their recommendation of software valuation methodology was validated by our “real world” software development experience. I appreciate Brown Smith Wallace’s knowledge related to valuation and focus on recommending a scope of services that met our specific needs – even if that scope did not maximize their fees.

    Software and Technology Company
    Jerry, President
    St. Louis, MO

  • We were at a crossroads and needed experts—people who understand non-profit management and accounting—to conduct our audit. Brown Smith Wallace came in and assisted us in significantly reducing a government repayment demand on a large grant. They have lots of smart people who know how to hone in on the most critical issues and continue to make recommendations that help us get better at our accounting processes—they genuinely care about our results. In fact, they are one of the most professional, respectful firms I have ever worked with.

    South Side Day Nursery
    Anne Kessen Lowell, Executive Director

  • Our transaction was complex with several unique components. Brown Smith Wallace took the time to understand those elements and applied the valuation techniques that were appropriate to our situation. Their staff took time to educate us on the optional approaches to valuation so that we could make informed decisions about how to best approach the project. Their work product included a thorough explanation of our assumptions, the valuation techniques applied and a summary of their conclusions. The work was professionally performed, timely in its completion, and competitively priced. We would certainly look to engage their services again if a future need arises.

    Speedy Cash Holdings Corp.
    Doug Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer
    Wichita, KS

  • Since 2011, Brown Smith Wallace has assisted the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (the District) with performing its ongoing internal audit function, which includes procedures to monitor, review, and test the activities of a $4.7 billion system improvement initiative to improve water quality and alleviate wastewater concerns that were identified and addressed by the EPA through a Consent Decree that went into effect in April of 2012. Their team has provided significant expertise in the areas of construction auditing that include engagements addressing construction and design contracts, payment applications, change orders, overhead rates, and safety programs. Their firm's assistance and expertise has greatly helped the District improve and strengthen the processes and controls over this very large system construction and improvement initiative. These efforts have been very effective in assisting Management in their efforts to adequately protect the assets of the District, thereby protecting the interests of the District’s stakeholders, which is vitally important. Brown Smith Wallace is a valuable partner and expert in construction audit services, and the District greatly values the services they have provided.

    St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District

    Todd Loretta, Internal Audit Administrator

  • As part of our strategic planning process and ongoing efforts to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service, St. Louis Public Library requested that Brown Smith Wallace assist with the implementation of a series of improvements to the Library’s core business services. Brown Smith Wallace assisted the Library with process improvement implementation and provided additional recommendations in investment policy, general internal controls, revenue process, ERP system, organizational structure and our accounts payable process. Their team continues to be a valued resource for us as we seek to improve how we operate and serve the public.

    St. Louis Public Library

    Justin Struttmann, Chief Operating Officer

  • Brown Smith Wallace has assisted St. Louis Public Schools by providing internal audit and other consulting services since 2016. To date, they have completed audits of student transportation, student activity accounts, purchasing and food service. These audits have provided the school district with key guidance to improve our internal controls, recommendations to strengthen controls over contractor compliance and monitoring, and the opportunity to potentially generate savings in the future.

    St. Louis Public Schools

    Ernest Clark, Director of Audit and Compliance

  • I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace for a few years on some of our project audits. They are very client-centered and responsive to all our requests. They work hard to get to a sensible, reasonable technical answer before moving on to the next item. With that approach, they help us get reports out efficiently and on time. They also do a good job of auditing the business as a whole and not just the financial statements. In our meetings, they always seem to bring up a new idea about the business or have some new perspective about a tax issue or an IT issue.

    SunEdison, Inc.

    Brian Williams, Corporate Controller

  • Brown Smith Wallace has been providing financial audits and tax consulting services for The Bar Plan for over ten years. Over that time, Brown Smith Wallace has been a very valuable resource for questions that arise from a financial, regulatory or business perspective. We look forward to working with the insurance practice team of Brown Smith Wallace.

    The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company
    Gregory H. Klaus, Chief Financial Officer

  • We’re a family business so we have business needs, personal financial needs and issues that often fall into both camps. We’ve received excellent succession planning advice and assistance from Brown Smith Wallace as well as practical valuation and gifting advice. We rely on the firm for all of our accounting and tax advice, where we also regularly receive value added ideas. Our advisers are very patient in explaining the various impacts of key decisions on both the business and each family member. Each family member is very glad we turned a new page in our accounting firm relationship.

    The Booksource
    Neil Jaffe, Co-President

  • Each year, we seem to come up with a number of accounting and tax challenges the Brown Smith Wallace team resolves without hesitation, meeting the most demanding timelines. As a $60 million organization with no CPA on staff, we’ve come to trust and rely upon Brown Smith Wallace’s breadth and depth of professional services. In the last year they’ve helped us establish an IC-DISC for our export sales, update our foreign entity transfer pricing policy, review our financial statements, help us complete our 2011 tax return and lead us through an IRS audit—which resulted in no fines or additional tax owed – with outstanding leadership, knowledge and diplomacy.

    The Gund Company
    Richard C. Gund, Executive Vice President

  • Brown Smith Wallace has gone above and beyond delivering our financial statements timely and accurately. We value that the firm goes the extra mile, including breaking down key performance drivers in a discernible manner, assembling graphs and charts, and identifying trends. They also utilized comparative data points to assist us in looking at the financial and operational factors that impact our long-term financial health. Brown Smith Wallace recently led a discussion that resulted in an ‘ah-ha’ moment for our organization. Their insights will significantly impact the way we look at certain items in the future.

    The Wilson School
    Peter Gray, Finance Committee Chair

  • The Health Care Services team was an asset to our management team. They conducted strategic planning sessions and helped us craft our strategy and branding for our services including hospice and therapy throughout the community. They also worked with us to create a new “brand” for the delivery of our therapy services throughout our campus and the community. Brown Smith Wallace truly understands the senior housing and post acute market and knows how to craft relevant and practical solutions.

    The Groves
    Gary White, CEO

  • The Brown Smith Wallace team did a superior job on the transaction.  They made us feel like they were a part of our company and working with us to help maximize the value on the sale.  The team not only had the expertise to match up against a Big 4 accounting team on the other side, but they supported their work through assistance in negotiations to make sure we received a fair deal. We could not have achieved these results without them.

    Trilogy Warehouse Partners

    Hilton Kahn, Partner

  • I have more than 20 years of experience working with auditors and CPA firms.  I have worked with Brown Smith Wallace for four years, and I have found them to be a world-class organization. They are extremely professional, and their auditors are top notch. They really take the time to listen and understand the business to ensure that we are following best practices and maintain a stable foundation for our business. That gives me the confidence I need to focus on providing accurate and valuable data and analysis.  I highly recommend Brown Smith Wallace. They are a pleasure to work with and are a trusted resource.

    TSI Global Companies
    Christine Robinson, Accounting Manager

  • After working with Brown Smith Wallace on multiple engagements, I can confidently state that they provide great client service. During numerous meetings and conference calls with management and our Big 4 auditors, Brown Smith Wallace demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency and professionalism. Brown Smith Wallace provided high quality deliverables and answered any questions in a thorough and timely manner.

    UniGroup, Inc.
    Pete Amann, Vice President & Corporate Controller
    Fenton, MO

  • Brown Smith Wallace provides us with a wide variety of professional advice and assistance on both company and personal financial issues, including estate planning, tax consulting, IRS audit assistance, compliance and financial statement support. They’re an important contributor to our successful operation.

    United Fruit and Produce Company Inc.
    Charlie Gallagher, Sr., Chairman | Charlie Gallagher, President | Dave Breen, CFO

  • The University of Missouri System requested that Brown Smith Wallace provide data analysis expertise to analyze our purchasing card transactions over a two-year period. They developed testing criteria in collaboration with the UM System Internal Audit team and other UM System personnel familiar with current p-card processes. Brown Smith Wallace took the time to understand our policies, process workflows, system inputs, reports, prior audit findings and available files for data analysis use. They also worked with UM System personnel to identify and develop data analytic tests, risk assessment criteria, and sampling strategies. UM System personnel will also partner with Brown Smith Wallace to design, develop and implement an ongoing monitoring process for the redesigned One Card processes and controls incorporating the use of data analysis. We appreciate Brown Smith Wallace being a collaborative partner as we work to continuously improve our processes and procedures within the UM System.

    University of Missouri

    Michelle Piranio, Chief Audit Executive

  • I have had the opportunity to work with the Brown Smith Wallace insurance practice, both audit and tax, for approximately ten years. Year after year they continue to provide outstanding service at a competitive price. They make the review and audit process easy because they are well organized and have years of experience in this industry. Their staff retention is strong, which has allowed the opportunity to build strong relationships while experiencing a very efficient audit and tax reporting process. I am thankful we have found a firm that understands our industry so well, and also sees the value in building and fostering relationships with their clients.

    UTG, Inc.
    Julie Abel, CPA, Vice President and Treasurer

  • Brown Smith Wallace is a partner. They are not a vendor…We look at this as a partnership. Brown Smith Wallace has given us a whole range of possibilities for the future, especially with the Affordable Care Act. We are being well positioned to face the future of health care, in a position of strength … and that’s just great for us.

    Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis
    Nesa Joseph, Ed. D., President and CEO

  • Over the last 10 years, Washington University has leveraged the Brown Smith Wallace construction audit team to help us effectively monitor more than 30 capital projects on the Danforth and Medical School campuses. The firm has been a true partner in these efforts, getting involved in our projects early on as contracts are being developed. They work side by side with our planning, development and construction teams and internal audit team to head off and resolve issues, as well as recover and avoid unnecessary or invalid costs. This partnership has been incredibly important in helping the university build and maintain a strong construction program and control environment. 

    Washington University
    Kathy Gaytan, Director of Internal Audit

  • Brown Smith Wallace has provided a complete suite of HIPAA security and privacy services to many of our clients on a national basis. Over the years we have developed a relationship with Brown Smith Wallace as a trusted HIPAA resource service provider and expert. If our clients request or require HIPAA support, we refer them to Brown Smith Wallace as an option for service. We have always had positive feedback from those referrals and look forward to having Brown Smith Wallace continue to be our HIPAA resource partner.

    Willis Group
    Jay Kirschbaum, SVP and National Practice Leader

  • Working with Brown Smith Wallace’s NPO team you have more of a partnership than I’ve experienced in working with a number of accounting firms over the last 20 years. There’s independence, there’s professionalism, but you’re working with people you enjoy and trust. There’s no arrogance; just a mutual respect shown for all levels of our team from theirs. You feel like you’re in this together—they have a true concern with the success of our agency. And we don’t have to train them, from year to year and one financial area to another—there’s always someone knowledgeable to help you.

    Youth In Need
    Mark Solari, Former Chief Financial Officer

  • The Transaction Advisory team at Brown Smith Wallace helped us prepare for the sale process and identify tax structuring strategies to maximize the sale proceeds. Our decision to go with an out-of-state firm was driven by the responsiveness, flexibility and seasoned team of professionals at Brown Smith Wallace who have real-world transaction experience on both the transaction and tax side. From their responsiveness on weekends, early mornings and late nights, to their willingness to meet at our facility to help us learn more about their practice, the team at Brown Smith Wallace exceeded our expectations.

    Alpha Energy Solutions

    Joe Rhodes, Owner

  • Brown Smith Wallace’s valuation team has provided services to us for the past few years. Our experience working with Brown Smith Wallace has been productive and positive. The valuation team provides pro-active project management, is highly responsive to our needs, and provides report and schedules that meet our requirements.

    Apparel Retailer Private Equity Portfolio Company
    D.N., Controller

  • The efficiency I experience with Brown Smith Wallace decreases my deadline worries. They deliver real value.

    Attorney/Commercial Litigator

  • We have been an audit and tax client of Brown Smith Wallace for many years.  When we were approached by a large private equity firm and their Big 4 diligence team about buying our company, we reached out to the Transaction Advisory team at Brown Smith Wallace.   The transaction team served as our intermediary helping us go through the entire sale process from beginning to end, including the complex working capital negotiations and tax structuring strategies to maximize the sale proceeds. Our decision to go with our accounting firm’s transaction team was driven by the seasoned team of professionals at Brown Smith Wallace who have Big 4 and real-world transaction experience from both sides of the desk. 

    Applied Logic

    Bill Terry, Former Shareholder and CEO

  • Very savvy in litigation matters; intelligent; articulate; tough under cross-examination.

    Attorney/Commercial Litigator

  • Brown Smith Wallace is more than just our accounting firm – they have been a trusted business partner for more than 10 years. They have guided us through many changes and significant growth. When we were first purchased by a private equity investor, we needed a firm that could ask the right questions to help guide us through the transition. Brown Smith Wallace earned our respect with that transition and continue to make us think about and consider different aspects of our business decisions; we have good, challenging discussions that ultimately make our business stronger. We have worked with Brown Smith Wallace through 10 bolt-on acquisitions. The firm’s deep manufacturing industry knowledge and buy and sell-side experience makes them an invaluable partner. They also helped us through recapitalization with our second private equity owner and they continue to be our trusted advisor today.

    Control Devices
    Jamie Reuter, CEO

  • We used Brown Smith Wallace for valuation services related to our acquisition of an e-commerce company. The Brown Smith Wallace valuation team was responsive to our requests and the project deliverables met our compliance needs.

    e-Commerce Company
    H.C., Chief Financial Officer
    Los Angeles, CA

  • We have had good experiences using Brown Smith Wallace for valuation services. Brown Smith Wallace has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and expertise related to both valuation techniques and applicable fair value guidance. Whether it was updating their analysis due to new information or responding to questions from our Big 4 auditors, we appreciated their ability to respond to our needs with a real sense of urgency.

    Electrical Components International, Inc.
    Multinational Electrical Components Manufacturer
    Jason Cattoor, Corporate Controller

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