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How Business Process Improvement Leads to Improved Operations

  • At a global beverage manufacturer, we assisted with integration of multiple craft breweries/brewpubs into a unified accounting structure using OrchestratedBEER and SAP, including mapping of the chart of accounts structure. We defined the partnership accounting requirements for a new innovative product.
  • At a large alcohol distributor, we developed a process to allow them to effectively manage the financial challenges of the evolving beer and liquor industries. Through our fast-track assessment approach, we identified opportunities with their core working capital and FP&A process. Deliverables included five-year financial planning and overhead allocation models and sales and warehouse management strategies.
  • At a large supermarket chain, we assisted with working capital optimization, including defining KPIs, obtaining accurate and timely reporting information, measuring the impact of vendor management initiatives, and developed a process to allow management to optimize payment activity to meet near and long-term working capital targets. This effort improved current quarter core working capital by $24M and increased days payable outstanding by seven days.

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