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Once we recruit talent, we know how important it is to retain and further develop our professionals. At Brown Smith Wallace, we take intentional steps to help our professionals develop personalized career plans that articulate the type of work, desired feedback, learning plans and flexibility they request.

In our mentorship program, individuals gain an invaluable sounding board and different perspective for professional development by being mentored by experienced leaders in a different practice.

Through Brown Smith Wallace University, performance managers work with each individual at the beginning of the year to design a development plan targeting key curriculum for professional growth. In-house and outside experts teach hard-skill and soft-skill courses to ensure our professionals are well rounded. Brown Smith Wallace provides more than 150 in-house courses or continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities each year.

Our professionals are innately motivated to move forward in their education and enhance their expertise with additional professional certifications or degrees. This professional growth shows our firm’s commitment to offer clients the highest level of service and resources.

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